Buried But Survived



My eyes fall open seeing complete darkness, it's hot my hair is stuck against my grimy forehead, or at least I think that's my hair, whatever it is it's sliding off my face it's just too dark to see what it is but I'm realizing I'm not able to move it's like my whole body it paralyzed I'm fully opening my eyes then I wince because something just covered over my eyes burning them. I try to move my hands up to swipe whatever it was off but they're not budging one bit.

The thing on my forehead is so aggravating, it's still slowly sliding to the right of my cheek now, I put more force to my arm muscles to then find out my fingernails are now stretching out digging through some kind of substance I can't really tell what it is but I still manage to stretch my hand through it, whatever I'm in its very mushy and dry and in crumbles, the feeling of it reminds me of something. (AM I BURIED UNDER DIRT!)

I'm wild-n-out struggling to get some room to move my limbs, at least enough room to swipe this thing that's slithering on me. (THERE'S A WORM ON MY HEAD AHA...) I gasp for air but there seems to be none under here."HAHA," I scream but the dirt muffling the sound makes it muted to where not even I can tell what it is. I feel the vibration of my voice making its way to the bottom of my feet, well we know that noise travels, but it only made my feet worse the feeling of the numbing getting touched by her fluctuation voice waves, it makes her feel the pain of not having full feeling in her feet. *agh* struggling to dig her hands through the packed dirt.

*Rrah* she digs and digs until the dirt is piling on top of her.

Making the dirt from over her steep inwards allowing her to be able to move her arms through the now soft soil. whoever buried her did a bad job at doing it.

(Im Free)

Pulling my arms up, fighting to push myself upwards, wiggling more up as I go pounding the dirt to the sides with the edges of my body. Slithering my fingers up as I feel the breeze of the air hit against them.

Even though I know the specks of dirt will fall into my mouth I just don't care, making a smile appear on my face the specks did what I expected them to do falling through in-between my teeth' gaps. my eyes begin to water making me feel the dirt that's sitting in them move out but then to be crammed back in with other speckles.

tucking my hand back under to pull in the dirt from the surface making it sink in. it's making it easier for me to push the dirt out than to pull it in. Finally, my hand face can feel the breeze more than my arms than my legs.

~iM OuT Im FrEe~.

I made it to the top, out from under the soil. grasping for the air I lay there my arms spread out on either side of me. I'm allowing the breeze to gently flow over me.

Then out of nowhere, my stomach begins to grumble telling me no I'm hungry. Lifting my left arm over my right side I push up uprising my body off the ground just a little bit then I collapse back down, my back hitting against the soil making a mushy sound, as I lay there I'm willing myself to put all my strength into my arms lifting my head off the ground then to lift my waist.~ I'm doing it~ I have thought too soon, collapsing back down to the ground, I lay there thinking to myself how I got here, then it hit me.

"wHo aM I," I croaked out, feeling my throats dry. Breathe in the air so I can catch some kind of Wet substance that will bring back the moisture that I need for my throat's dryness, but instead, all I could do was choke out a coughing mouth full of dirt. Clenching my chest I struggle to choke out all the dirt that's dried in my lungs. My eyes are burning with tears. I'm surprised I still have tears left in me. But I guess I am tearless since the only thing I feel is burning pain. I lift my hands to my face to feel if it was wet but dryer than the desserts ( philosophy says if your eyes are dry then you should keep them wide open until they burn so much that the last bits of tears will fall) but that's not the case for me.

With my eyes in pain and my lungs burning I feel my hands mangle into to dirt and it's was like I haven't been on the ground once I was up I couldn't go back down I was so thankful that I was up but things just don't go how you want them to, my legs gave out on my and I fall back into the dirt after a couple of tries, my legs got the hang of it leaping and falling was the patterns for me, then it hits me again I'm lost I'm memoryless with for some reason knowing that I'm lost and without memory is all I need to know that I'm missing a lot of things. And yes my memory was wiped clean with no trace of past to be remembered at all. So I'm just going to have to one-run till I find my way back to the others, and two-retrace my memories and who I am.

Ik now running perfectly through long grass twigs sticking out of the ground. I'm in a completely

Spaced out Land I only see one way that might lead to others through the woods.

I'm almost there, I'm like 2 more yards from the woods. I'm so hungry my mouth is begging for water. It's probably even praying for water, food, and even sweet treats to nibble on.

I can't wait to find the society of this place. It's not so good if I'm out here alone much longer the nights threatening to approach. I hate the darkness, who knows how long I've been buried in there days, weeks, maybe even months. The question is how did I even survive?

I'm here the long twigs are dead and stomped down where the woods start. I start running again through the woods, I'm running not even knowing where I'm running to, but still, I'm not going to just stay out here without trying to get to society.

I'm swapping the branches of the trees, moving them away with my hands swinging like crazy. That's when I heard a noise, louder than my ears cloud even bare.