Bioemrick: Assassination

Opening chapter 4th Draft 

By Butter1ftw

The nice mid-September temperature in after-dark Minneapolis cooled their nerves. All six of them were lined up crouching on the cool concrete wall. One officer was ready to open the door with his enforcer, a handheld battering ram. Another officer had his flashbangs ready to be deployed. The powerful force of the enforcer broke the door off its hinges. A cool outside breeze rushed into the factory building, alongside bright flashes tripled with high pitch ringing and heavy footsteps. The large factory bay was shaken with gunfire. Light gray Smoke drifted out into the mauve night sky.

A bullet ricocheted into an officer. “I'm hit! Left quad!” He shouted in soft agony.

Screams, moans of death, and pain permeated the room. Naked drug staffers praying not to get shot in the crossfire. After thousands of bullets, the smoke cleared, relieving the tension in the room. Four officers stomped deeper into the facility. The shot officer was swiftly aided by a teammate officer.

“Ok let me see here.” the aiding officer said while assessing the bullet wound. He pressed down on the hole with his index finger. The wounded officer grunted.

“It's ok big boy, you’re a tough one.” the aiding officer stated while pulling medical pinchers out of his first aid kit. He slowly penetrated the pinchers into the wounded officer’s gunshot wound. The squishy sound of the skin and muscle disturbed a small gathering of naked drug staffers, who were instructed to stay put. The aiding officer squeezed down on the tool and yanked the bullet straight out of the wounded officer’s left quad. He swiftly grabbed an adhesive bandage laced with alcohol, and smacked it onto the skin surrounding the bullet hole. The wounded officer kept his composure throughout the entire process.

The night went on with no more gunshots or puddlesof red blood. In less than 10 minutes the drug factory officially was clear, and ambulances arrived. Five of the officers headed back to the police department to retire


Officer James on the other hand had to perch his butt on the ambulance’s rear bumper. A female doctor patched him up nice and slow. She was aiming for the best quality to show her inner respect to the hero. James eventually was good to go back to the police department, and left the raid site. It was a long night with impossible odds, and took all what he had.

“Ah James, we were waiting for you!” one of his team officers excitedly exclaimed as James softly limped into the SWAT officerlocker room.

“We are planning to go grab drinks and thought maybe you would want to join us.” another officer, who was relaxing on the locker room bench, said.

James opened his locker door. “Ah cut the shit. You guys would go without me, but Jorge is too busy showing you his new european woman." James threw his bloody clothes into a laundry bag.

“She is a keeper this time. Her beautiful luscious eyes and body don’t even match her personality.” Jorge with his creeky mexican accent said.

“She is keeping your money. How much is the credit card this time?” James pulled up his unwrinkled pants.

“She was 50% off compared to my last one.” he started laughing.

“That's it,” James slammed his locker shut. “I’m thirsty for some IPA!”.

The team set off for the bar.

It was a tight squeeze for the six large off duty officers. Unlucky for George, who had to sit in between two, sweaty, fat, and drunk, loud mouths. James, Terrance, Mel, Jorge, and John, were able to sit next to each other.

“Here are your drinks boys.” the officer’s bartender said, placing them on coasters.

Terrance pounded his glass down his wide throat. “So, they got someone who might talk. Tomorrow morning we’ll see just how he answered. Hopefully we get a chance to finally put this case to bed.” he said.

“I do hope we get a big catch.” Mel said after taking a sip of whisky.

John bumped Mel in the gut. “Big shot huh? Just how many chances are you willing to take?” John asked.

“Woah, Woah! Hold up. Unlike us, Mel can choose to take them. Damn virgin. No one will miss him if he gets shot!” James interrupted.

“At least I'm not horny like Jorge. Creepy fucker. Can never go throughout life without some whore in his house.” Mel responded. Jorge just shook his head. They all started laughing.

The bar became less and less dense with people. George was able to get to sit alongside his team. The bartender had to call them a taxi, and may or may not have called the police to escort them.

That was all James could remember from that night. Well, all he could remember before he came home to his lovely wife, Aura. How could he forget seeing her?

She was athletic and tall. She had perfect freckles and blush. Her skin was a glossy tan. James knew her ever since his freshman year in college. Now she is a player on the US women’s soccer team.

James stretched out of bed. The sunlight barely passed the clouds to seep into his bedroom. Was it the currently buzzing phone or his wife just getting out of bed that woke him up? James reached down and grabbed his phone off his nightstand. Right before it stopped ringing and he missed a call. The clock graphic read 7:15am, and the rest of the phone readthe police captain was calling.

“Hello?” James answered in his deep morning voice.

“James, good morning.” Captain Roberts said.

“Good morning sir.”

“Is Aura doing ok with what happened last night?”

“Yeah, I am probably more shaken up then her.” James answered.

“Tell her I say good morning,” Roberts took a deep breath. “Today we found out where the Copper Mambas are located. We are going to hit their safehouse tonight. The FBI will be on stand-by, but this is nothing some good old police can’t handle?”

“Yes sir, we can take on any job.” James responded.

“So, since you were shot, we want to have you lead the patrol officers as backup for your team and the others we send in. A little load management won’t hurt, right?”

“No of course not, I’ll see to it.”

“Thank you James, see you soon.” Captain Roberts ended the call.

James walked out of his bedroom. He walked down the hallway to Shaun’s bedroom. James opened the bedroom door. He rested his right arm on the stop of the doorframe and leaned on it. He watched as his little eight year old son was still sound asleep.

James cleared his throat. “Time to get up son.” James commanded in a raised voice.

Shaun woke up, but then threw his covers over his face. A very typical action for James’ little loved one to do. ‘Or maybe he isn't so little anymore?’ James thought to himself.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Midnight, September 8th, 2019

The SWAT teams had arrived at a forest. One narrow and overgrown dirt road leads to their destination. Nearly 40 officers of different backgrounds went to noon’s long briefing. James was tasked to lead the patrol officers in securing a perimeter and watching the SWAT teams’ back. The tensions rose as the SWAT teams finally started to slowly advance down and around the dirt road.

James signaled the 20 patrol officers in his command to advance with him. After a minute of inching down the road, James decided to order his group to create a perimeter. Ensuring there could be no person entering or exiting the forest. James inched on slowly to keep an eye on the SWAT teams’ behind, just as instructed.

James took in the amazing forest’s sea of pine trees. He looked down the road, his team gaining ground on the assumed safehouse in the distance. Looking up he could see the canopy blocking out the beautiful night sky, filled with stars. He wandered down the road, searching for a break in the canopy. He wanted to take a picture of the night sky to show his beloved, Shaun.

After ten minutes or so he was out of sight from the patrol officers who were securing the perimeter. He still had a good scope of the SWAT officers’ backs. However, James finally saw an opening in the canopy. He inched forward till he was directly under the break in the canopy. James could see the stars, the moon, and a moving light.

Suddenly he was being blinded by a growing light. The forest was illuminated cerulean. His team had disappeared into the light. James froze motionless. ‘Is this it?’ James thought. He could not say anything, or see anything. ‘My team is now left defenseless from behind.’ he thought. James’ life flashed before his eyes as the light covered his whole world.

His father. He was only 5’10, but felt like a tall giant to James his whole life. His brown hair, tanned skin. The man was an incredible hard worker. His dad never even lost muscle after all those years. If his father wasn’t around for him, James couldn’t imagine being a real man.

His mother. She was 6’0. James always thought he got his height from her family. It sucks that she died when he was only 8. That did not deter him from getting to know her. James would ask questions about her. James once even went to her home country of Brazil. All the knowledge he had about how kind and loving she was. He can only picture an angel when he thinks about what she looks like.

His wife. She was so beautiful when he met her. She was an all around person. She was smart, athletic, famous, young, and beautiful. She even made it on a top ten best looking soccer players list. It struck him odd that she never worried about James at work. If only he could say goodbye, goodbye to her and his little boy.

Shaun, his eight year old son. He raised his son with love. He just wanted to watch him grow up. He never even got to work out with him or watch him play sports. James would try to teach him new things all the time. He wanted his son to become an impact on every person in the world, something James tried to do as a cop. James wanted to be a hero, and thought he could do it by raising his son into one. 

The rest of James’ family and friends flashed before his eyes. His siblings, who all hated him, even came up. The child criminal he killed that one time. If only he could do something different. But that little boy had a gun pointed at him. What else could he do?

His whole life, he simply wanted to be a hero. Took a job as a cop because that is the only real life hero he knows about. A 6’4 man. He was built, fast, and smart. The only problem was his life would end at a young 28 years old.

He blacked out. A comet crashed right into him.

A blue element oozed out of the ground inside the small crater created by the comet. The element was full of motion, sparking off what seemed to be a supercritical liquid. James’ body was lying there. It was bleeding like crazy. His left arm was danglingonto his lifeless body by a few strings of muscle. The blue element flowed on towards James' body. It surrounded his body, and began to circle around it. Then the element closed in on his body.

James’ body just sucked up the element, absorbing it. After the element was absorbed, James’ arm fully reattached to his body instantaneously. James’ heart started pounding faster than it ever had before. James began to retain consuoisness, when a giant pine tree fell right over the crater, crushing James’ body. Blood splattered everywhere and a giant dust cloud rose up. James immediately blacked out upon impact from the tree.


Naked strippers, drugs, gangsters, and money, occupied the Copper Mambas’ safehouse. This powerful gang had a very smart, yet short leader. His name is, The Tiger, or formally as Fernando Ranco. He was having a very hard day figuring out what to do, now that one of his big drug factories was busted. He was a man of many skills, but his most beloved one was his senses. Tonight he was sensing something. It wasn’t too quiet, nor too much anything at that matter. He just knew it, tonight they are getting raided.

He was having a lap dance, but that wouldn’t stop him. He bursted out of the chair he sat in, causing his stripper to fling to the ground. He sprinted to his office, while all his members watched. One of the members got up and chased after him while asking, “What is it sir?”.

“Tell them we are getting hit.” Fernando shouted down the hall.

Fernando opened the door to his office room. He slammed it shut, blocking out the noise of panicking strippers’ screams. He dialed a number on his cell phone. He had to call someone.

“Fernando! Why so late! Ha ha!” The person who answered said in a loud and exciting way.

“Señor Enrique, the pigs are going to raid me. I’ll bet you got ten minutes to get your men’s asses over here.” Fernando responded in a serious tone.

“Forest?” Enrique lowered his voice to match Fernando’s seriousness.


“On it. And go through the tunnel exit. My men are already there.”

The SWAT teams surrounded the safehouse by hiding behind trees and rocks, some even just blending in with the ground. A robot was ready to be driven straight through the front door. Of course the officers with stun grenades and tear gas were ready to throw their explosives in.

“Ok ready?” Mel whispered to the robot operator.

“Ok. Three. Tw-” A grenade bounced on the hard dirt ground. The sound of it rolling gave it all away. More and more bombs bounced on the ground. The team was about to be blown up. Mel, Jorge, John, George, and Terrance, all about to die. They trusted James to watch their back. The whole police department did. What happened?

The bombs all blew up. The limbs of the SWAT officers went flying, everywhere. The patrol officers could hear the explosions from the grenades. One of them ran towards the action. However, a bullet hit him in the back. The officer looked back and saw the Violet Blues gang mowing them down. It was over for all of the officers. The gangs took them all out.

The door of the safehouse opened. A man in a designer lab coat walked out. That is right, a louis vuitton lab coat. He walked straight towards the blue light he was told about by Littleton. The scientist walked to the area. He saw a crater. There was blood, a tree, and a sparking element. ‘Sparking element?!’ he thought to himself. He ran straight to the element. Littleton, who was following behind, holding his AK-47, had to catch up to the excited scientist. The scientist squatted down with both knees to get a closer look. He smiled as he realized what he was looking at. This was something new from outer space.

“Littleton, go run and get my sample tubes. I'm going to have a field day learning about this. This. Thing.”