Beware the Seduction

Beware the Seduction

Nothing new, or so I think. Just another night out at the start of the weekend. Behind the bar close to work, I park my brick red Mustang convertible. The van I pull next to bobs up and down before a girl flies out, speaking rapid-fire Spanish in a tone of voice that does not sound romantic. Pilar, the cute Latina receptionist, bawls her eyes out when the van takes off after tossing her purse out the window. 

“Fuckin’ C

puta!” she screams after the van.

“Are you okay?” I ask as I pick up her purse and hand it to her.

Pilar looks tussled but hot as always when she focuses her brown eyes on me. Her expression softens. “Joe?”

I shrug. “Just your average Joe.”

That manages a chuckle out of her as she takes back her purse. “Hardly, the girls in the office warn me to stay away from you.”

I laugh this time because I love pussy. I just have no interest in being chained to the owner. “And what do you think?”

“Buy me a drink, and I’ll tell you?”

I take up her challenge. Four drinks later, Pilar tells me everything but the answer to my question. She and John, her boyfriend of three years, have been fighting a lot because she wants more of a commitment from him. He wants to come and go as he pleases since he travels a lot with a rock band playing guitar. Pilar threatens to walk away today when John calls her bluff. So she does.

Upset and drunk over the fight, she feels very reckless with me. Fine by me. I have no honor in me to want to do the right thing and take her home. I prefer to take advantage and see if I can finally taste this fiery Latin woman. 

Pilar gives me quite a show when lifting her blouse to shake her braless melons at me before we reach my car. A firm B cup with quarter-sized nipples is what my hands confirm when I reach under her blouse and squeeze them together so I can suck the nipples through the silk material in my way.

“Mmm, that feels so good,” she moans while rubbing long nails over my scalp. I feel like my dick is so hard it’s gonna burst out of my pants!

“Fuck me, Joe,” Pilar begs as I look up at her from her breasts. She turns away from me and lifts her long skirt showing me a perfect ass wearing no panties as she bends over the convertible passenger side window. I unzip and pull out my cock and coat it with her dripping pussy shocked by how wet she is.

“Fuck me in the ass.  

Por favor?” she offers while spreading her cheeks for me. 

I obliged fucking her dark rose against my car. Pilar thrusts back with little moans. “Si! Si, 


Her legs shake, and so do mine in the lust that consumes us. Both near a fiery climax when suddenly Pilar stops me before I can finish, shoving me away and crying again. Stumbling away, she hails a cab and is gone. The bitch leaves me with a massive boner! I stuff it in my pants, feeling angry, and cheated.

Same ole, same ole is not this night at all.

I prowl for some ass. Being tall with brown hair and blond highlights in my hair is a natural touch the ladies envy in this finger-length style. My eyes are gray like the stone masquerading as my heart, but thereafter I’m average in height and overall build. I blend in with the crowd of young people without being as young as they are or hopeful. Life has kicked me in the nut sack enough to know the fallacy of “the one.” My cock leads me instead to the best choice to finish my night with the best happy ending.

The way it usually goes down is like this. Me hunting at the trendy bar downtown watching for a potential candidate. The bar is one of many I rotate through. Around two in the morning, I spot my next fuck. A college bitch who normally turns her nose up at me when she’s sober. You know that one. She’s dyed her hair so blond it matches corn silk but misses her black eyebrows. She’s loud and in charge as long as she hasn’t touched any hard liquor. The moment she does, she can’t stop and only gets louder. Her inhibitions hit rock bottom. 

Now I’m suddenly a stud through her liquor glasses. She flirts with everyone, and whoever she ends up with for the night will be happy for the kinky things he can do to her while fucking her. My favorite after making her orgasm is to pee down her back. The looks on their faces when they realize what I’ve done is priceless.

I chuckle as I lead the drunk bitch to my convertible. She tells me that my car is cool before she tells me where she lives and passes out. No way do I want her knowing where I live, messing up my expensive sheets and all. Once at her place, she rouses horny for a fuck in my car.  

Nadda gonna happen!

Up in her apartment and bedroom, we’re all over each other. Her tongue is down my throat, and my hands are all over her sexy ass. Not even bothering to undress her, we have sex fully clothed. I hit that wet pussy from the back, shifting aside her thong already soaked through. Only hard dick do I pull through the teeth of my zipper. As I thought, she squirts when she orgasms, and so I squirt my pee on her sexy ass in gratitude when she passes out.

At least that’s what happened last weekend. Heh, heh!

A hand touches my shoulder. Shaking my head, I come out of my daze and see a gorgeous blond with blue eyes like jewels staring up at me in her black slip dress. She smiles like an angel. A smile I know better than to trust.

“Are you looking for me?” the woman flirts, handing me a drink, which I sip.

I smile back because it is my favorite whiskey. “How did you know?”

“You look like you’re in the mood for a little action. So am I. Do you want to fuck?”

I almost choke when she says all that with those full cherry lips. Nodding because I feel stunned that I need no pretense with this girl, I like this course. She takes my glass and settles hers on the bar as she guides us out of the establishment. In the parking lot, she walks right up to my car. 

Both my eyebrows raise in surprise. “Have we met before?” I ask when she turns to me.

The blonde leans into me and lifts on the tips of her toes while wrapping her arms around my neck. The full lips claiming mine are full and soft. She tastes like peaches. Damn! I dive my tongue into her willing mouth, pulling her tiny body into me. I’ve never kissed a stranger like this or have been more turned on by one, especially by how my night starts. 

Weird. The blonde’s into me without being wasted. I rarely score unless the girl is drunk but not this one. She is as sober as I am, and I don’t even know her name!

The sexy woman pulls away and opens the car door to my convertible. I catch it, wondering how she knew this was my car. I watch her get situated, realizing I don’t care when she smiles up at me. Closing the door for her, I am entirely baffled while my heart beats faster by the minute with my growing boner.

“I have more where that came from,” she says over her shoulder while following me with her eyes. “The night is young, Joe.”

How does she know my name? I walk over to the driver’s seat, and when I see the beam of her smile toward me, the question vanishes from my mind. Instead, I marvel about how I was not as young as she was or as attractive either. I never get this kind of attention or feel this kind of mutual attraction for someone that blazes across my senses. It amazes me how much none of this is going according to plan. However, going off the rails is a good thing and exciting in its own way. 

The blonde leans over as I drive into traffic and whispers in my ear, “Put the top up for a treat.”

Smiling at whatever this gorgeous woman could have in mind, I press the button for the convertible’s top to pop up into place automatically. When I do this, her head descends to my lap at the same time. She unbuckles my belt and trousers, where she drags out my somewhat erect cock that grows more by the moment. I slam on the brake when her hot little mouth surrounds my head. Car horns blare for me to go forward, and I do.

“Fuck!” I cry, trying to concentrate on driving, and I can’t. I’ve got to get us to our destination before we crash. Too fast do I accelerate but can’t help how good her lips feel as they travel down my expansion and her tongue licks back up.

“Oh, faster! Speed turns me on, Joe. Faster!” she cries only briefly. The surface of her tongue engages my head. 

My foot stomps down on the accelerator with an aggressive purr from the motor. From zero to sixty in less than five seconds, she’s deep-throating my entire shaft in her mouth. She gags on it.

“Fuck! Don’t stop!” I shout.

She answers, “Mmm, you’re so big! Faster!” 

The bobbing for my cock in a fierce rhythm goes as fast as the car weaves in and out of traffic. Panting due to the excitement of the road and what happens inside the car, I’ve only experienced this scenario in my fantasies. My foot dares to press down to make us go faster down the boulevard. We take the exit to the highway, and I floor it at 110 miles an hour. 

The sexy gulping sounds she makes while taking my dick for a ride in her mouth has me closing my eyes. I’m nearly there, ready to burst, when I almost miss my exit. I jerk the steering wheel and hear the shriek of the tires as I try to keep the four wheels on the ground. I have to slow down, and so does she. 

“Fuck!” I’m coming down from the high and don’t want to. 

Before I realize it, we’re parked out front of my apartment building in one piece, and she zips me up. Sitting up, the sexy woman licks her full lips slowly.

“Mmm, I want more, Joe, but inside where we won’t be disturbed.” 

The car door opens and slams shut. I watch the tease saunter toward the entrance of my apartment building, although there are several around and parking is sparse. Shocked, she seems to know where I live, but more turned on than before, I fumble after her while buckling my belt and adjust my super boner to pitch a tent before me in protest.

I guess that I’m most surprised we made it here in one piece, and I suppose she has a point. In my apartment, we’ll not be disturbed. No fear of indiscretion or being caught by the police either will halt our journey to paradise. Usually, I would not mind a bit of that kind of excitement to spice things up, but as good as it feels with the blonde, there is no way I want to be interrupted before we reach our final destination. I’ve already been teased to the edge of my jizz cliff earlier and needed to back off cumming, although I wanted the opposite more than anything.

Finally, we reach my apartment, and I am sure that I have fallen in love with the blonde with no name. The moment we cross my threshold, the black slip dress drops to the floor. She walks away from me, and off goes her shoes. I watch her sexy ass in black bikini panties sway into my bedroom with confidence. 

I follow, kicking off my shoes and throwing off my jacket. I tear through my shirt and strip out of my pants before I reach my bedroom in my underwear and socks. My heart races to see her climb the bed with her ass in the air and her face in a pillow. My favorite position she does without even being asked. It is amazing! She is… too good to be true.

“Fuck!” I admire her sexy ass. She shakes it at me, and my hand cannot help but swat it.

“Yes, Joe! Oh, spank me again! Let me feel the sting until my ass is bright red!”

Grinning, I strike the creamy ass shaking in front of me with the palm of both hands for both cheeks. I feel like I am the luckiest bastard to have found this dirty girl, or did she find me? I shake my head, not caring.

With each strike I make, the blonde yells, “Oh! More!” 

I am panting with my excitement. Her creamy ass blooms with the color of her lips. Perfect! I kiss her ass softly all over before removing her lacy panties and sniff the wet spot. Peaches! I am salivating to taste her pussy.

“Stick your big dick inside me and make me cum screaming. Do it. Stretch my tight little ass and then do the same thing to my twat.”

My mouth drops open because usually the girls I fuck don’t make such requests. Of course, they’re also drunk as hell. I begin to see the benefits of pursuing abstemious girls, but for as long as I’ve been doing this, no one sober has ever wanted me. And that has always been good enough because it wasn’t like I ever wanted to see those bitches again, anyway. This blonde, though…

I wedge my face right in her ass. She’s moaning louder than ever.

“Oh! Oh! Fuck! Yes! Lick it! Lick my ass!”

I obey because I intended to do it anyway, especially with her opening her own ass cheeks for me to see the puckered little hole. I go lower to where the secretions that have flowed here have originated, and the stronger taste of her arousal draws me to her other hole for my tongue to dive in. More sweet peaches and cream leak for me as she presses more forcefully against my tongue while still holding her ass open for me. 

I lick my way to her bell and back to where I began as she cries out, “I’m cumming!”

I lift away before she does to her groan only to return to feed her ass with my cock. She trembles and yells incoherent things, but I love every moment of being caught in her torrents of pleasure. She drags me right along until I am amply inside her ass, pumping it my all just the way I imagined I would when following her right up to my apartment door since she apparently knew where I lived.

My hard and fast rule is never to bring girls to my apartment, except for now. Yeah, Laurie doesn’t count. My ex-girlfriend and I live together six fuckin’ years when she decides to mix it up and fuck some other co-worker she has a crush on in the backseat of my Land Rover. It happens at work. I believe that I will never live that down until I find somewhere else to work and kick her ass out of my apartment. The Land Rover is traded for the Mustang.

For the better part of the last five years, I am free as a bird. Like Laurie, I fuck whoever I want. I don’t care about feelings. Feelings are a joke. However, the way this blonde feels trembling on my cock deep in her ass is heavenly. I am not done, though, because I want that pussy, too. 

Switching holes is divine until my body pours with sweat. I grunt with every thrust because the blonde is pressing back to meet me as her hands clutch onto the sheets. I am drilling her so hard she can barely cry out as she tightens up inside and out. My strength to resist her orgasm clamping down on me tight slows me down and milks my cock in such a way that even I cannot defeat the wave of cum building in my balls. 

“Fuck!” I cry when I feel my cum shooting through my dick inside this divine split peach. I fall over to the side of her, and she falls against me. 

Trembling, I awake to a chill. I reach beside me for the blanket to cover my nakedness, but what I feel is clammy skin. Opening my eyes to the dark, I remember last night with the blonde. Turning on the lamp beside the bed, I turn over. The face looking at me is a pale facsimile of what it was at the bar. And her eyes! What the hell?! She has no fucking eyes! 

I jump up out of bed and watch this beautiful blond age in the blink of an eye. Youthful skin wrinkles with flat sagging breasts. All the golden blond hairs on her head have fallen out, and what remains have turned white in patches of scaly red blotches on her white scalp. Her face is a ruin of warts and pimples. Her luscious mouth now a snaggle-tooth grin. She reaches bony fingers with broken black nails at me.

I scream, feeling a little pee trickle out of my shriveled prick in my fright, “What the 


When I run for the door, it slams shut. Locked somehow, I beat it and yank on the doorknob, but it will not turn.

“No!” I cry, hoping to wake up from this nightmare. The icy hand of the hag reaches me and tosses me back on the bed. I know it's all over. She pounces on me as I scream in horror when she kisses me. Her taste is like rotten peaches.

“You were looking for me, remember?” the hag with no eyes declares with a hideous laugh while her bony hands cup my face. “And now I am yours forever!”