Basics of Spellcraft: Dimensions

Lesson without a teacher

Age didn't matter in the academy of arcane arts Naralad. Of course not, the people who build it knew very well that anybody could gain the power of wielding magic at any point of their lives. 
Therefore, it wasn't out of the ordinary, that the classes were divided by a different standard then age, but by the level of knowledge. The beginners, the novices, the apprentices, and the wizards, after the graduation exam they all become masters, using their magic as they see fit.


"Where is the teacher?" asked a boy with a blond messy hair his neighbor. By their silver pin, anybody could see that they are novices.

"I dunno, maybe he overslept!" answered his tall classmate.

"Teacher oversleep? Please! Maybe something happened!" said the girl sitting under them both. Her hair was brown and long, she was sitting in the lowest row of tables, closest to the chalkboard.

"He is pretty late, what is this?" another classmate looked at the clock with worry.

"He is new, maybe he just got lost, all the classrooms look the same!"

"You think he is so clumsy? Teaching here is not for anybody!" and with this, a debate arose between half of the classmates.

"Well master Oday often forgets about homework and mistress Mion does a lot of grammatical mistakes when writing! So maybe this one, just comes late!" one girl tried to explain it, but it has been already fifteen minutes into the hour-long lesson.

"Should we wait or come get him?"

"But we might miss him and he would worry about you..."

"Or he is just lazy..." laughed one boy and another one leaned to his seat and closed his eyes saying he will take a nap.

"I am hungry anyway, the period was too short... so don't mind me!" said another student and the discussion turns in to a fee talk.

"I like this, the first lesson of the second semester and we have free time!" smiled boy with the blond hair and the rest enjoyed the time as well.

"So, what are you going to do this weekend?" one girl turned to another.

"Let's go to the lake! I want to swim in cold water... this spring is soooo hot!"

"I feel you, I feel you!" smiled the girl, another female student picked up a book for alchemy, which incidentally wasn't this lesson and read it with interest. It was already half an hour and the clock was still counting slowly without care.

"This really is weird..." said one student with glasses and put his pen next to the drawing of a bridge scenery.

"Oh... your painting is so good,"

"Stop drooling on my stuff! And it is a drawing! See! I only use a pencil!"

"Whatever man...ahhh! I am so bored!"

"Oh!" smiled the boy with glasses and pulls up his note from the bag.

"What are you doing?" asked his neighbor, but he smiled and started to write.

"You sneaky...! That is a great idea! I always forget about our dreams for miss Somnia!" noded the boy and several others do as they, but sudden noise took all their attention.

"S-sorry," said the man in his twenties. He was sitting in the highest row next to several older people. Well, now he was standing, putting his bag over his shoulder.

"Are you going to find the teacher?"

"No, it's too late for that, I am leaving early... this is a waste of time for me..." he said and left twenty-four minutes before the end of the lesson. After a few minutes, everybody in the highest row leaves making the rest a bit cautious.

"It's ending! In the end, he never showed up!" scratched one boy a minute before the bell rings and tries to leave. Yes, he just tried, because the door wouldn't budge.

"What is this?"

"Did I allow you to leave? Geez...have manners kid," the tired voice could be heard in the room.

"What... Where?" the boy looked around the room confused but saw nothing.

"I am here! I was over here the whole time! Are you people blind? Do you really study magic? I even halved the amount of focus put into this reflection spell twenty minutes ago!" the voice belonged to the man sitting in the teacher chair. His attire was different over the simple white shirt and blue pants of the rest of the school since he had gloves, a belt, and a hood. His face was the most generic face for a thirty-year-old man who doesn't care about his appearance. His black beard was cut just enough to not itch and his hair was messy, but combed, so it didn't fall into his eyes.

"What now?" he said looking at the boy, who was still holding the knob of the door. At that moment the bell rung, but nobody moved.

"What now?" he repeated his question and looked at the rest of the class. Getting no answer made him sigh, look on the ground and then stand up.

"I guess I have no other choice, but fail you all this lesson and the bell rung so get out!" he said and came to the boy who looked at him in fear, but then opened the door and left, followed by the teacher.

"What the fuck was that!?" yelled one girl with a red face. Her hair changed color to crimson as well and she quickly grabbed her stuff and runs after the teacher. Everybody else looked like they were just hit by a storm and started to talk even more than before.

Real teacher

"Master!" yelled the girl with bright red hair while running towards the teacher. Several other students looked at her in surprise, since yelling and running were prohibited. The girl obviously didn't care about the fact that she could be seen by so many people, or that the hot sun was burning through the glass wall of the hallway and making it hard for her to run for long. Her teacher was quite fast on his feet, but he finally turned around and waited for her.

"Ma...Ma...Master! Please..." she gestured that she needs to catch a breath and the man waited with silence.

"I want to know why did you fail us!"

"Tss... I was waiting for something like a confession or a much interesting question, but this is just too..."

"Please answer me!" she says and her hair catches in fire making the teacher close his eyes in a bit of interest.

"The reason is simple, you did nothing the whole lesson!"

"Are you saying we should learn? Or what?"

"No, I am not saying that! If you just leave me alone now..."

"Wait! Don't you care about us? Failing a lesson is a serious problem! Not only we cannot continue to another level, but failing more than three of them could make us leave the school,"

"I am well aware,"

"Then why?"

"You have failed two lessons already, right?" her teary eyes and flaming hair were a dead give-away. It made the man laugh and he pointed at her.

"Fine! I will take away that dent in your record if you tell me what should you have done in my lesson! After all this is a school and if you learned something new show me!" her flame disappears as she calms down a bit.

"Do I have only one try?"

"You have time until the bell rings,"

"That is..." she starts to complain, but stops, after she sees his serious face and starts thinking. She thinks hard about what little he said.

"You did nothing the whole lesson, is what you said and that learning is also considered as nothing! So that means we should have done something other than learning!" she says but the man expression doesn't change.

"Oh... oh you also said that nobody noticed you, so obviously if I did notice you I would not failed, right?"

"Yes, that is true, but would the rest failed, if you suddenly shout that I am there?"

"I don't know..."

"They would not come to the answer, they would just get lucky you were there,"

"So, you would fail them if they didn't notice you? But of if somebody did and just wasn't sure or shy or just slow?"

"Oh... hmm, it seems that you are suggesting my lessons are unfair..."

"No... it just..."

"It is true, they are unfair... and your time is ticking!"

"This is still not enough? Then... maybe..." she looked on the ground and sung in to her memories. What was the first thing he said? 

Did I allowed you to leave, was it? Oh wait!

"You! Did you failed those that left?"


"Are you saying leaving was also an option?"

"Yes, but of course not just ditching last five minutes like every kid would do!"

"But that is against the school rules!"

"Exactly! You still have a bit of time! Give me a reason to not fail you over this lesson!"

"Was it a lesson about breaking school rule? About using time well?"

"Maybe, I dunno... I am asking you to convince me to not fail you for it,"

"I did my homework to clean up my fail in monster class! I did everything from the beginning of this lesson to this moment to stay in this bloody school and I am not going to move from here until you answer me!"

"Geez... it is just one fail! In the battlefield, you would be dead over one mistake, kid! Don't fret over it so much, calm down! Enjoy your youth!"

"Damn it! This is not a game! What is with that change of attitude mid conversation! Are you a really a teacher?"

"Nope, this is my first-time teaching!"

"Don't fuck with me!"

"I thought being rude to the teacher is against the rules and common decadence!"

"What? You were the first one to broke rules! Even if you were in the class the whole time then you let students leave! You even made me broke rules coming here!"

"Breaking rules has consequences! Are you prepared to face them?"

"Of course! I don't care! I did that knowing fully well what could happen to me," yelled the girl and her whole body got enveloped in fire, but a small blue magical circle appears above her head and she is splashed by a bucket of water, calming her down and wetting her cloths. She covers them in embarrassment and with tears about to start crawling from her eyes. The bell rings.

"Well then, see you tomorrow! Have nice day," said the teacher, but she grabs his sleeve without saying a word. Her second hand was still covering her wet top.

"Don't worry you convinced me enough to not fail you, not that much by your tantrum, or argumentation.... But hey! What more than this could I expect from a fourteen-year old kid..."

"I am seventeen!" she whispered as the man leaves.


"I am sorry for coming late to the lesson," said the red-haired girl as she opened the door. The older fat teacher turned from the blackboard.

"If you continue like this you will get three fails and come before the hearing miss Anala,"

"Yes, mistress," she said, but the teacher was done with her. She could only notice that the people in the highest row very normally attending the lesson.

"Somehow you all look down today... I know it is the first day of the semester, but you need more energy! You, mister Mob! Explain to me the political importance of magic in the country of Olenos," she made the young boy struggle in answering her question. The lesson ended quickly though and when the teacher was on the way out, one woman from the highest row stood up and asked her to stay for a moment.

"What is it miss Laura?" the teacher looked at the young woman in her twenties. She was wearing her uniform loosely, with hide boots and a Stetson on her back. She stepped down from the highest row towards the teacher.

"The new teacher for spell crafting didn't show up for today's lesson,"

"What? That is ridicules!" the teacher responded skeptically while Anala came closer to the teacher as well.

"No, it is true! Since I don't like to waste my time I left early and...." Laura continued but was interrupted by her teacher.

"You left the lesson?"

"Yes, there was no teacher, no teacher no lesson,"

"I am sorry, but he was here," Anala jumped in their conversation and only got an angry look from her older classmate.

"Of course, what nonsense... you should also..." the teacher said.

"But he was invisible the whole time..." Anala adds.

"What?" both said at the same time.

"Also, he failed everybody here expect you few that left,"

"What?" now the teacher was speechless.

"Can he do that?" asked another student and the teacher looked around the class. Everybody was looking at her with sad eyes.

"Y-yes... he can do that... I am afraid it is his lesson after all,"

"That can't be..." could be heard from the whispers around.

"Don't worry I will speak with him and see... maybe it was just a prank! Or you misunderstood him somehow..." the teacher tries to cheer them up.

"No, I talked to him... he said that he failed us for not doing anything...I don't understand..." Anala said pessimistically. 

"I am sure it will all be explained in his lesson tomorrow! He got in to the academy thanks to several great achievements, so he obviously has his reasons," the teacher said and they all understood he could not destroy his authority. Continuing this discussion was pointless and so they let him leave.

"You talked to him?" several students surrounded Anala. While she was talking with the teacher most of the class move next to her. She nods and turns to face them.

"He is weird! He... ahhh!" she covered her top again since she noticed several boys looking somewhere they shouldn't.

"He did this to me, to cool me down! He is really weird! One moment he is all dead serious talking about the battlefield and one he is joking about confession..." she said nervously.


"Ahhg!" Anala couldn't handle the attention and sit back down to her desk.

"No I mean... he said that he will get rid of my fail If I explain him the lesson, but I don't know what convinced him, but he did lift it in the end... so if you ask maybe he will do the same for you,"

"So, it is real?" one girl finally accepted the reality.

"Should we go now? Show that we care?" somebody suggested.

"I would not recommend it, he very obviously didn't want to be bothered by me when we spoke,"

"Tell us what did you tell him..."

"Tell us everything!"