As of yet Untitled Story

ǵay crept into his late wife’s mausoleum and placed his lantern upon her casket and prepared himself for what he was about to do. Years had passed since she died, and yet to him it felt like mere moments ago, he watched her life drain from her eyes. Blank shuddered at the thought. He opened the lantern, whose purple flame was burning weak, and shined the light upon the casket. Tears welling in his eyes, Blank began the process to resurrect his dearly departed. He pulled three objects out of his bag: A blue sapphire necklace, a diadem with a purple gemstone embedded inside, and a glistening teal sphere emanating with immense power. Blank placed the sphere, necklace, and diadem adjacent to the lantern in a triangle- formation. One wrong move and Blank would fail, he knew he had to use caution for the consequences would prove immense otherwise. He pulled a tattered scroll upon which laid the instructions to resurrect his wife. He felt like he had read those words a thousand times over in preparation, and yet he did not feel nearly ready to begin. Blank took a deep breath and spoke.

“Invicta mors in hoc mundo comprehensio nos non tanget…. Quid deinde accipio theloneum. animam meam pono pro tuis.”.

“At last, I’ve found you. Did you really think I would leave her final resting site unguarded?”. The woman spoke with much malice and pleasure in her voice. It was clear she had been waiting patiently for this moment. “And you’re trying to revive her, how cute. However, I think you know we can’t have that.”. 

“Y- you? You’ve followed me all the way here, after all this time? Can’t you just leave me be?” Blank said these words with utter terror. He had hoped to never see this woman again, yet in the back of his mind, he knew that would be far too good to be true. 

The woman snatched the orb out of Blank's hand and suddenly the casket opened no longer. The woman grinned a snide grin. All color drained from Blank’s face. He knew what happened next.

“You’re the only one left, how is it fair that you survive?” asked the woman sarcastically. It was clear that she was relishing in this confrontation. The casket began to make a strange noise.

“Is it not enough that you killed my wife? Must you continue to torture me relentlessly?” Blank said desperately.

“Oh, my dearest Blank, don’t you understand?” the woman started. There was a great deal of moaning coming from the casket now. Something had gone horribly wrong. “You’re not the one I’m torturing.”. The woman extended her hand and a burst of red magic erupted from it. Blank would breathe no more. 

The woman peered at the casket, which was now making a great deal of noise, and grinned. “Looks like I have a new toy.”.