Alternative Reality For Illusioned Humanity

Alternative Reality For Illusioned Humanity

By Santosh Jha




Copyright 2021 Santosh Jha




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Born As Human Is Only A Potential

Beasthood Is, Otherwise, Embossed And Stamped On Consciousness


Potential of Human IntellectIs Infinite. Tragically, only a handful even thinks of the journey of the ‘

Infinite’. Less embark on it; lesser trek a distance of definitiveness! Localized, partial and instinctive Consciousnessprohibits and restricts journeys of mind. The

specificpurpose and pursuits of life-living may be diverse; the singular

genericattainment however, is

Optimization of Potentialof every single human being born and alive. Cultures that do not ensure mass ‘Optimization’ of People-Potential through


DEAD. The question is – Are contemporary cultures graveyards of Dead Intellect…?Are most people moving their bodies but mind is

rootedlike trees? Do mass majority of men and women even know what their ‘True Potential’ is? Do we need

Change? Probably; complete Reconstruction! Of what? … Of REALITY; the contemporary, populist ‘Intellect’ is so trigger-happily ‘Illusioned’ to accept; since ages. If only; it could be possible for ‘self-validated’ egoistic ‘I’ to accept ‘Reality’ beyond its culturally installed Cognitive Empire! Can happen; happens; very rarely.

Optimismalone is





Humility, Success & Reality…

Humilityis no virtue. However, it is Singular Existential

Realityfor Humanity; only a few realize. This fragile, ephemeral, conflicted and inconsequential human body-mind; standing under the infinite cosmic expanse, diversity and its

Causalities, can have no other REALITY. This reality of humility engenders Compassion, which is one single qualifying element of Consciousness, making humans eligible to survive together. However, ‘Success’ for most individuals comes with single ‘available-to-all’ instinctive Eligibility

Be Shameless. The 99.9 percent go with this easy-availability than bothering a second for Reality. Successive successes empower and embolden The Beastevery human is born as and erodes

Collective Survival. This shameless Illusionof

Successis the preferred

REALITYfor mass majority of horrid Humanity. We all dig our collective grave. Can this ever change? Probably!

Knowledgealone can. It reconstructs

Consciousnessback to Humility. Can it happen?

Happens; very rarely. Optimismalone is

Immortal; it has to be…!



At The Very Outset

Incessantly, unrelentingly, in many possibly different ways, ‘I’ attempt to convince myself that the moon, sun, earth, stars, galaxies and even the cosmos itself shall die one day – It is not that ‘I’ alone shall die. It is not my Personal Destiny; it is the design of Cosmic Causality. With all intellectual and emotional resources at my behest, ‘I’ insist to myself that time; years, centuries, millenniums, are useless; just a mythically mystical idea; a Cognitive Conflation, having no reality, as the mind conceives. When ‘I’ die, everything is simply a Moment; probably the infinity of it but nothing else. In pragmatic actuality, even 14.5 billion years, when the universe came to be, before my birth, was just a momentfor me and billions of years after my death, shall be the same – just a


The colossal Nothingnessthat was before my birth, had no meaning for me and the infinite nothingness that shall follow my death too shall have no meaning for me as, the very ‘

Media of All Meanings’ – the Selfor ‘


itself shall become assimilated in Nothingness. The very Contextuality of Self, which creates the Consciousness that in turn bubbles up the Illusionof ‘I’, as some subject or protagonist, is emergent, transient and definitively holographic and hence mythically mystical culturalism. Etc.

Still, the Grief, the Suffocation of Option-less-ness, the excruciating Emptiness of the Nothingness and the resultant numbness of Non-Beingness of Consciousness does not go away

This media, of body-mind cooperative; this consciousness, the cognition of the million causalities this Mediaprocesses; fails miserably. This media of consciousness cannot be persuaded; it cannot be made to stand in

perpetuity of peaceful and poisedacceptance of this whole idea and its cognition; let alone be in happy situation…

Such Scammed is our existence; so structurally Insufficient and functionally Incapacitated are the faculties of the Media of Consciousness we are so remorselessly proud of; so much colossally Powerful and massively multidimensional is the content and intent of REALITY; so Haplessly Helpless is


… Intellectually, may be, in peripheral probability, I am Ready to Die. Intellectually, feebly though, I may lend emotional credence to my resolve that I can Face Upto the

Realityin its Entirety. The fabric of this reality of ‘

Moment’ and Mortalityis probably not impossible to weave. Even, I can say, with humility but definitive certainty of honesty that at most times, I do feel the


Satisfactionof this mesmerizing bewilderment of un-put-down-able

Emptiness, Nothingness, as it fills me up with prized possession of Compassion,

my immense and deep sense of Griefleads me to. Also, this barrenness of nothingness proves to me as

Huge Assetto remain rooted with unadulterated objectivity. In emptiness of nothingness survives and prospers the abundance of objectivity...

But then; intellect is also just a small part of this insufficient media of consciousness. This intellectual fabric of ‘reality’ still has to get internalized in and by all seven layers of my consciousness. Even intellectual understanding and acceptance is not easy but it is somehow and somewhat possible; at least peripherally. Internalizationof the knowledge of the

Realityis hugely tough; if not impossible. Without internalization; nothing stays, everything withers away. This media of consciousness, which is assigned to successfully complete this humungous enterprise, is a very patchy and poor design of evolution. This immensely restrictive and somewhat ‘

Scammed’ body-mind plexus, especially the precariously presumptuous Brain States, which ensembles and makes emerge this media of consciousness, probably is not designed to handle such a vastly tough task. Or, probably, the objective, holistic knowledge of reality is too colossal and its true cognition is too massively unsettling for the genius of consciousness to handle successfully. At least; to present a brave and resolved façade to Reality, one needs the strength of evolved Consciousness and Non-Intuitive Cognitionto lead the Intellect for a semblance of a battle with Reality. This comes only through painful

Internalization of Reality. Given; the milieus, both internal and external, are not only non-facilitative; rather, always presenting the unscrupulous occasions to unsettle and unseat a somewhat undeserving enterprise to hit the poise…

Reality is unraveled in layers and in dimensions. The scientific knowledge and evolved objectivity, which this knowledge installs in consciousness, leads me far beyond my own restrictive cultural mind consciousness. It unravels the Reality about One Lifeand lays bare the futility and hypocrisy of old-archaic-obsolete cultural ideas about human life and divinity et al. This sure is empowering and helps a lot in optimizing the potential of mind consciousness in understanding holism of reality in its mesmerizing diversity. But, this reality then journeys into a domain where new cognitions of unsettling reality confront the consciousness, for which it is not trained. The untrained mind consciousness has no wherewithal to handle such self-negating and cataclysmic cognitions about the brute objectivity of reality as well as the nothingness of beingness. Years of education and bravery of so-called confidence of worldly attainments and successes fall flat. The mind consciousness needs

Knowledgeof completely different dimension to facilitate the mind consciousness a chance to stand tall. This

knowledgeis the ‘personal internalization’ of ‘Information’, through the dialectical process of

unlearning-learning-unlearning, powered by the energy of skepticism and self-negation, into all layers of Consciousness. This novel and alternative mind training is purely individual enterprise; nobody helps; nobody can; only Knowledgehelps; it alone can…

It is like; when I am stupidly happy and intellectually at peace with my intuitive acceptances; like earth is all that is and the Sun revolves around it, et al; I am in the animalistic domain, where my ‘joys’ as well as ‘pains’ are contextedand sourced from this

Primary Cognition. However, when I accept a non-intuitive thinking and start to accept and internalize the objective scientific realities of our planetary system, the galaxies, the black holes, the threshold of universe that is around 90 billion light years apart, et al; the cultural core of my animalistic and intuitive consciousness gets cracked up and begins to melt. The novel cognitions that the new realities begin to install in my now melted old and archaic consciousness creates a new Self or ‘I’ in me. This is unsettling as it shatters the convenience and comfort of my ‘settled’ consciousness and status quoistcognition. But, this is just the beginning.

The progression of new objective scientific knowledge and its mesmerizing journey is orgasmic and addictive. Then comes the catalytic and cathartic realities of quantum world, super string theories, ontology and epistemology of forces, dimensions, energy, sub-particles, et al. More cultural and cognitive walls of my old and archaic consciousness crumble and the nothingness begins to fill in; the vacuum begins to orchestrate the song and dance of its scary oscillations. The journey is infinite… There is no stopping, no short sojourn to rest. The path-breaking knowledge pool of consciousness, through the prism of quantum physics-biology, informatics, neuro-science, microbiology, et al, beckons me and everything that was ‘Me’ or ‘I’, for last many decades, collapses and falls flat. This nothingness, which storms and blows up the old and archaic consciousness and cognition, is hugely vast and tough to handle.

It is humungous enterprise to put this huge and diversified knowledge into a linear and ‘Causal’ perspective for optimum internalization. This internalization, when it happens, is definitively magical and hugely satisfying. But then, it leaves the new Self or ‘I’ in a state of complete non-beingness, for which the brain states and its faculties are not trained beforehand. This mind training to strike peace and poise with the new reality and cognition is hugely challenging. Just when you think, ‘I’ have arrived, new pathways are created and novel journeys shatter your ‘arrived’ pride and possession…

As is known to everyone; Knowledge has similar trajectory of journey and arriving. The first stage of knowledge is hugely Unsettling. When you first know and realize how it is what it is, the primary accrual is consternation and destabilization. Knowledge begins by exposition of problems and troubles in all its dimensions and shades. This is like opening the door and getting blown up by gush of trapped energy of realism. This is unsettling also in the sense that most people get Stuckin the magnitude and

Complexitiesof the first stage of trouble-exposition and begin to look for solace and support from spiritualism, psychology or philosophy to ‘escape’ from the acceptance of the reality. It is another dimension of ‘

Ignorance Is Bliss’. Some also develop sense of egoism and pride that they now know the reality and therefore they are Free-Willedto lead their ‘

Post-Reality Life’ not bothered by other shades and aspects of reality that others have.

The true journey begins only after this stage. The next stage is unraveling the elements that constitute the vastness and complexities of troubles. This stage of knowledge is the doorstep for arriving at true wisdom. When we persist and keep journeying the knowledge trajectory with innocence and compassion, not allowing ego and escapism to divert the journey ahead, we move onto this next stage of deciphering the genetics of the problems and troubles and Realityin its

Entirety. This is the domain of Non-Intuitiveness. As we do this, we come to understand and accept that what we intuitively construed as Problemsthemselves have elements of

Solutions, when perceptioned with a non-intuitive cognition. The Realities of all shades are linked in cyclicality. The causalities of cosmic realities are all cooperatively connecting and linked. The knowledge of Holism of Reality unravels this ‘Magic’ to a non-intuitive mind consciousness. Rather, in the final stage of the trajectory of knowledge, we clearly see that problems and solutions have the same constituting elements and only difference is cognitive – that is how we observe and accept them arranged and situationed in our life and living. This then facilitates all solutions, all sanities, order, poise and then begins our infinite journey to bliss and wellness…

… It is for sure, it is not something, which happens to me only. My brain states and mind consciousness are not unique. It is what 7.5 billion people on earth have. This has also not been beginning to happen only now. It is described in ancient Buddhist literary traditions that around 2500 years back, when Buddha attained enlightenment, the first lines he said was – ‘The walls of the house I lived in are now shattered and collapsed.’ What Buddha actually said or didn’t say cannot be verified but what the traditions accept him saying, clearly means that even thousands of years back, there was this consciousness, which accepted that Reality, when unraveled and deciphered in its holism and when true and objective knowledge of Reality dawns upon the surface of intellect, the walls of existing intuitive Reality, which stands as the ‘House of Illusion’ collapses and falls flat. What Buddha did after his enlightenment is known to all. He chose not to speak as probably what he understood was exclusively personal and not amenable to language. The consciousness is a massively potent window but language as the media of expression of consciousness is very restrictive and susceptible to misunderstanding. Buddha definitely understood – Words are most probable design to carry the culpability of unintended and un-conscientious violence. However, he was urged by his followers to speak and as he spoke, five of his closest disciples left him. Even today, when Buddhism is popular, most followers have failed him and what they do in the name of Buddha is definitively not what Buddha believed and preached. It is primarily because for an average untrained mind, it is impossible to understand what Buddha meant and what enlightenment seeks. The intuitiveness can never ever be the tool and technique to unravel and decipher the elements of reality in non-intuitive domain. The untrained mind therefore corrupts and mystifies a reality as it has the perpetual love for Illusion, which is Realityfor average mind consciousnesses…

It sure raises a critical question – is humanity ready for knowledge of reality in its entirety and holism, which is now available to humanity but still not popular and restricted to a very small minority of scientists and aware people. It sure shall reach gradually; though vitiated and ritualized, and average human mind is so untrained to handle it. Already, half the humanity is finding it tough to handle the new conflicts and chaos the modern contemporary life-living has exposed people to. In the new millennium, we live in a very complex world with contemporary milieus filled with conflicting and competing shades of memes of realities. Mental disorders and mind debilitations are already posing as mounting challenge for wellness and poise of larger humanity. An average untrained mind is not poised to handle such complexities and diversity of illusions of reality. What shall happen when finally, the mass majority of people will have to confront the brute reality about existence, life-living and human body-mind realities? The new knowledge shall drastically alter the contemporary cultures, as it already has started to do, and then, the contemporary human mind with all its mediocrity and depravity shall be in for disaster. The early pink hue of the inevitable dawn of impending disaster is already on the horizon. A discerning mind, armed with non-intuitive cognition can see it coming…

This enterprise, this eBook, very compassionately and affectionately invites you to venture into a ‘journey’ of this tough terrain of ‘Internalization’ domain and processes. We accept that our intellect and the consciousness, which engenders it, are powerful media yet very insufficient because the REALITY is so colossal, diverse and the Internalization of Knowledgefor lasting peace and poise is hugely tough. This humility makes our journey possible. This fills us with compassion, which alone qualifies us as humans. This humility makes us accept the cosmic duty that evolution bestowed on us by assigning humans the mesmerizing marvel of mind consciousness…

Together, in equal partnership and equal investment of all faculties that are available to our media of consciousnesses, we intend to traverse those issues, ideas, questions and probable answers, which humanity has not yet bothered to deal with. The Intellect shall delve into holism of available scientific and objective knowledge but we shall have to accept that intellect has to be evolved and matured to a level of conscious positioning and cognition, which opens up and makes possible a rather critical element of ‘Non-Intuitive Thinking’ and perceptional acceptances. We are intentionally dropping the use of the term ‘Counterintuitive’ and using the word Non-Intuitive, because, the former necessarily means opposite of Intuitiveness, whereas, the later is not necessarily one but a holism of both. Intuitiveness also has utility and we surely cannot label it as something always detrimental to consciousness. We must never miss the magic and marvel of Holism; non-intuitiveness is about this assimilation…

Much of the contemporary objective and holistic knowledge of humanity has come primarily through this core and cardinal tool of non-intuitive thinking. Sadly, average person is never trained to acquire this tool. More tragic is the fact that most of us even do not ever think, mind training is required to unravel and decipher big part of the holism of Reality. We are not even told, it is some eligibility for good life-living. Reality in its holism is available for deciphering and unraveling only through these cognitive processes. Thankfully, contemporary science has empowered us with this required knowledge for larger and deeper wellness. This eBook primarily pertains to the realm of Non-Intuitiveness of 3Cs – Consciousness, Cognition and Causalities

Give me your hand; do kindly feel the warmth of trust and genuine objectivity and scientific sincerity. We are beginning a journey, not with the avowed purpose of arrivingas we most humbly accept; arriving probably is beyond the genius of our restrictive and scammed consciousness and the journey itself is infinite. The journey traverses through landscapes filled with alternative and novel ideas, realities, awareness, purposes, utilities et al. Journeying itself is incredible invite to the feel of worthiness of Holism. Together, we shall travel, together we shall doubt, witness and experiment; together we test the validity of an alternative possibility, together we arrive; wherever possible…


Ontology of Art…

In classical musical tradition; may be also in all other forms of Art and expression of human thoughts, there is a stage of finality of rendering, where the grammar and Syntactic Disciplineof artfulness and exposition loses its primary and cardinal relevance. What remains of singular and lasting utility and worth is the

Innocenceof the artist and

Honestyof art. The only weight that is felt by listeners and audience is that of the uniqueness of

Melted Individuality, which the performer transports to the consciousnesses of the audience. This is Emergence– the Physics entering a Dimension where probably its structural plexus remains hidden as ‘roots under soil’ and the feel of functionality blossoms above as


I, for sure, can never reach to such a stage of finality in my journey as a confabulator. However, this is what I cherish and seek. With all humility and compassionate honesty at my behest, I wish to assure you; I have been a sincere student of ‘The Art’, since last 54 years and shall keep my persevered learning and unlearning processes, till death, on this avowed journey of artfulness of life-living in general and writing in particular. Nobody can be greater than the Art but, the audience, in their compassionate acceptance, sure can encourage the artist for the sake of art itself. I write, because you are; a magnanimous consciousness. Thanks



Happy Preferentiality & Neutral Reality…

Billions of men and women in the past, billions ahead; infinite years in the past and may be, infinite times ahead… The awesomeness of this ‘infinite’ however, is ‘Zero’, sans the advent of consciousness of ‘I’ – Mine and yours. This messy, incredibly fragile, amazingly conflicted and dreadfully ephemeral ‘bubble’ of Consciousness is, however, the brilliantly mesmerizing probabilistic ‘Window’ of endless Realities. The media of consciousness, which engenders the perceptional plexus of Cognition, knows deep down that most of these ‘Realities’ are brilliant but only a handful of them are ‘Happy’ ones.

The legendary poet, Meermentioned about ephemeral existence and its flamboyantly illusionist positioning in a very famous poetry centuries back –

Hasti Apni Habab Ki Si Hai…

Ye Numaish Sharab Ki Si Hai…

(My existence and beingness is like a bubble, the exhibition of individuality however, is like the liquor…)

The innate and instinctive consciousness and its generic cognition is stupidly designed to understand and accept many a realities as hugely useful and empowering, as they always feel like the ‘happy ones’, but actually and eventually are calamitous for life-living wellness. In Indian philosophical traditions, ‘intuitive utility’ has been equated with an Itch, which all of us are ‘Happy’ scratching; though being fully aware that it shall always end in painfulness, bruised skin and blood stained hands. This ‘happy’ Predilectionand innate

Biastowards most realities the media of consciousness accepts, is painfully restrictive one. Realities need never be understood and accepted through the prism of ‘

Happy Preferentiality’. Rather, most realities, as they present themselves to the intuitivenessof the media of consciousness, are essentially

Value-Neutral– neither good nor bad; neither happy nor sad. They are objective causalities or the cognitive effects of causalities, which the vast and variegated milieus, ambient to us or otherwise expansive, present to us.

Consciousness, as a probabilistic ‘Window’, as a media to unravel realities, is a huge gift. A rather disastrously scammed yet mesmerizing media or window! This media is Innately Scammed; assigned to painfulness and conflicted conflations by very design. The media of consciousness has to be understood, accepted with scientifically objective and holistic parameters of contemporary knowledge. This media needs to be trained to Unlearnarchaic, instinctive and obsolete auto-alignment to culturally installed and perpetuated ideas of good, bad, right, wrong and happy and sad. Once unlearning happens, the window throws up the brilliantly empowering shades of realities and their utility-worth in life-living wellness and excellence.

Rather, contrary to the ‘happy preferentiality’ about life-living realities, the consciousness must accept the universality and transcendence of Grief. Grief is the most potent energy of Creation. It is the primeval Causality of eternal Evolution. All Marvels of world are deep and embedded expressions of Grief and Pain. Grief is the portal of the singular element as eligibility to being human – Compassion. Sadly, only a handful can truly realize and internalize Grief to miraculous Revelation. The innate and intuitive Happy Preferentialityof untrained and un-evolved mind consciousness restricts ‘Grief-Acceptance’. Most people have the upfront and ever-ready ‘Bouncers’ of


Deceptionto prevent the entry of grief-aligned compassion. Tragically; Marvels become tools to deny Grief itself. When Grief is denied; Compassion gets eclipsed and Reality stands mystified. Humanity is genius in Enterprise of Denial and Deception of Reality. This is biggest ‘Unlearning’. Together, we do it, together we partner in this enterprise here and right now…



I And Context Of Externalities

The very sense or feel of ‘Self’ or what we know as ‘I’, the mystical ‘Me’ is largely, if not exclusively, in relation to the milieus outside, not within. Our constant yet ever-changing interactions with our ambient external milieus largely define our Generic Consciousness– this very feel of ‘

I’. There are vast Mechanismicinteractional processes within our body and mind but they are almost largely not in the

Conscious Domain. We are simply unaware of it. Innumerable neural and chemical processes are taking place within the body and mind every second but we never feel it; though they surely have their role and impact on shaping our subconscious, even conscious. Most of these processes are common in not only all humans but also most organisms and they happen for Homeostaticgoals.

Therefore, for most practical purposes, the Self, the ‘I’ is almost purely ‘Contextual’ to the ‘Externalities’ of the world of Reality; especially the populist and trending parts of the cultures of ambient milieus. Therefore, we can say with definitive certainty that our Consciousness– the sense of Self or ‘I’, is

Emergent, Transient, Evolving and Dialecticalregistry of EXTERNAL milieus, probably, expressed as analogous holographic representation of the field of massively complex information plexus.

What does this mean to us? What this modern, contemporary scientific assertion of Realityof ‘I’ or Consciousness

Requiresus to understand and accept, as against our

Intuitivethinking and perception about our ‘Self’ or ‘I’? What this scientifically objective Reality necessitates to change or even reconstruct our

Old, Archaicand now

Redundantview about Self or ‘I’?

This is the core question, which the new humanity must understand and accept. This seeks to upstage our current perceptions, which we innately and intuitively make of ourselves. This installs with definitive certainty that we all need to evolve Non-Intuitivethinking and cognition to accept a completely unpopular yet

Novel Realityof Self, ‘I’ or Consciousness. This intuitive perception of ‘I’ is an

Illusionand the contemporary scientific knowledge of consciousness tells us why? It tells us about the mechanism and processes of body-brain plexus, which engenders consciousness. It tells us that because of these very mechanisms and processes, we all are born as confused, conflicted and in


Illusionof the unique nature. The consciousness is always


emergentand that is why constantly changes its locus, commensurate to external Information. However, as these processes are largely unconscious and subconscious; and our body and physicality of external milieus seem constant, we do not have the registry of it. This creates the dualism and conflict of our intuitive feel of ‘I’ being in one situation or perception, whereas our subconscious keeps altering its situation and cognition. Most people somehow realize this dualism and conflict of ‘I’, only as an afterthought or realization in retrospection. They feel; things happened; I led it to, but should not have happened. Simple reason is – the subconscious is designed to ‘react’ instinctively to external information or situation. Most people being in auto-mode reactionary consciousness, simply do what the situations call for. However, later, when conscious thoughtfulness broods over it, some of them may feel, they were ‘led’ to act and behave in a way, they should not have. They feel the ‘conflict’ of ‘I’. Most do not. This

Scammedreality of Self or ‘I’; this wired and entrenched dualism or conflict, which keeps most of us

Illusionedhas to be understood and accepted…

Given this assertion of Reality about the Consciousness, as a Mediathat is designed to find its

Existential Trappingslargely in response to information feedbacks from

External Milieus, we can clearly see and accept how every human being has some sort of an innate and entrenched potential to be a ‘Slave’ to its society and cultures. This somehow presents a predicament as well as a probable trouble that Consciousness and its so called Free Willand cognition is not independent; rather in perpetual

Shacklesof its immediate milieus and dominant cultures. Naturally, Reality, for every individual human


may not be independent and objective as it shall always be susceptible to be ‘conditioned’ and ‘colored’ by the very ‘Localized’ shades and shapes of its populist and powerful External Milieus. This somehow makes the agenda clear for every human being and his or her consciousness. Reality has to be confronted only with a De-Culturedmind and for this to happen, one has to ‘

Unlearn’ the cultural and milieu-specific cognitions. The embedded and ensconced ‘Localization’ of Consciousness has to be understood and then pruned and unlearnt very consciously. The ‘Cage’, which enslaves the Consciousness by restricting (localizing) its cognition of Holistic Reality, has to be broken and shackles removed. As we talked earlier, an evolved person has to understand the ‘field’ of intuitiveness, its restrictiveness and then look beyond in the field of non-intuitivenessto perfect the artistry of Holism or Reality in Entirety.

The objectivity and independence of Consciousness therefore, is notan

Auto-Process; it has to be attained and arrived at, after aware and intended processes of Reverse-Learning. Slavery and Caging of Consciousnessis in fact the entrenched auto-process of all minds. The evolution designed it this way for

bare basicsbut humans now have the evolved brain and cosmopolitanized life-living milieus and also, the life-living agenda of humans is now not


Excellenceand wisdom. This auto-process needs to be unlearnt and reversed for the consciousness to see, understand and accept Reality in its true, objective and independent shape and hues; through an evolved

Non-Intuitive Cognitionto optimize the Potential, the consciousness can lead to.

The Agendafor new millennium humans is to be non-intuitively

Awareof the twin processes – first the

Internalprocesses of body and brain, which the contemporary science has so brilliantly deciphered for us. Secondly, awareness of the larger, cosmic, holistic, objective and integrated Reality of the

Externalworld – the matter, the energy, the new emerging and brilliantly critical idea of

Informationas reality

et al. The contemporary science has transformed the Reality we humans have accepted so far and made the basis of our popular and persevered cultures. The new transformed human consciousness, with novel critical knowledge shall have to Reconstructthe existing cultures and civilizational benchmarks. Somehow, Change is too insufficient as it may not usher in the required quantity and quality of transformation in the domains of individual life-living, cultures and other human systems. This status quo has probably lingered too long; piling up the backlog of changes, which humanity should have brought about decades back. Also, the calamitous probabilities of entropic energies currently unleashed in contemporary human world are too powerful to be remedied by anything less than a complete

Reconstruction. It is time for New Evolution. It is now; or never…



Non-Intuitiveness Of Reality

However best you look at it, you cannot visualize the Earth revolving around the Sun. The Sun rising, moving east to west and setting before the bare eyes is what we all see and subconsciously accept that Sun revolves around the Earth. That is why all humans readily agreed to ‘kill’ the man, who first proposed the ‘reverse’ of it as Reality. You simply cannot visualize that what you see as Reality is only a poor and restrictive representation of the neural mapping of your brain states, inside your head.

There are facts, objective and scientifically proven realities, which average person with his or her innate and entrenched intuitive perceptional faculties simply cannot understand and accept. They are beyond average cognition. So, the earth at the equator moves at a massive speed of around a 1000 miles per hour but a person living near the equator never ever shall accept that anything around him is moving, let alone at this high speed. Our solar system is also moving at a huge speed of 828,000 kilometers per hour. The whole universe is on the move. Yet, we all, stationed and standing still on earth, never feel any movement. These realities are not available to normal cognitive faculties. If we ever wish to understand these realities, we shall have to evolve a non-intuitive thinking and cognition. The tough and long journey of science, undertaken by our brilliant predecessors and contemporary scientists has become possible only because, they had the non-intuitive awareness of a possible, alternative reality, which the average illusion-savvy brain could not. The best of all is the quantum physics, which epitomizes how human potential can break free of all barriers of restrictive intuitive cognition and venture into something that defies impossibility…

The trouble, with all humans, is that very often, Realityin its objectivity, entirety and holism is

Non-Intuitive. This means – it is intuitive to accept Sun as a moving thing and Earth as stationary. Intuitive thinking and spontaneous instinctive acceptance of what we see is what comes innately to us. It is only very natural and subjectively the perfect honesty to believe what the bare eyes can see or the brain plexus makes us feel. The trouble is – a large part of Reality is beyond the reach and sufficiency of our innate intuitive thinking and perceptions. The non-intuitiveness of Reality in its holism and colossal expanse is what we all need to open ourselves to. It is not something only the scientists should be adorned with. Every single human being has to evolve this brilliant faculty of non-intuitive thinking and cognition. This alone can Optimizethe

Potentialevery human being is born with. If not, then a human is worse than an animal. Most of our contemporary

Troublesat personal or collective levels are because of the singular fact that vast majority of humanity

never attainsits optimal potential as human; happily remaining slaved in the cage of intuitive stupidities and hypocrisies.

It is such a tragic state of contemporary human societies and cultures, even in 21stcentury that over 80 percent of this huge 7.5 billion human population on earth lives and dies, struggling for whole of their lives to sustain and survive themselves. The livelihood enterprise and survival necessities make them stand no better than animals. This sure is not the

Destiny of Humanity. This definitely is not the avowed optimization of potential of a human life-living and its superior Consciousness. Massive majority of humans do not have the right education, enough resources, facilitative milieus and required time-space to even think of a alternative, novel and higher Purposeof life-living; especially the need of knowledge to unravel reality in its holism. The human societies and cultures have been


Rottingmarketplace of abject

Mediocrityand non-conscientious

Depravity; they still are. It is equally tragic that a handful of humans use this vast majority of uninitiated and enslaved human bulk of over 80 percent global population as feedstock/fodderfor the attainment of their personal political and economic


greed. In such a contemporary culture of humanity, who cares for reality and who pays even a penny for reconstructing the human system for a humane culture of excellence, based on new scientific knowledge of Reality, Humanity and Reality of Humanity? When ignorance, slavery and survival become a profitable Political Capital, why should the ‘leadership’ of humanity ever invest in anything else? So far, there have been very few instances of political tribe thinking and acting beyond their personal profitability and continuance of power…

It is therefore only natural that contemporary human world remains culturally Animalisticin its structures and

Brutalin its functionalities. Tragically enough, majority of humans remain worse than animals with their instinctive and entrenched intuitiveness and localized subjective realities. Developing and sustaining a non-intuitive thinking and perception about the cosmic Reality is the toughest thing to do for we humans. Because, it is something, we are not designed for. We have to do loads of

hard workto evolve this non-intuitive thinking and perception. Scientists can do it as they are

trainedwith lots of painful practice and perseverance. There are interesting stories of how budding scientists are trained about non-intuitive thinking by their seniors and academic institutions. However, where is the time, energy, inclination and initiation for the mass majority to even think of any other work than survival; let alone mind training and

hard work?

Evolving non-intuitiveness is like Negatingyour own

Self– assigning your entire existentialism to a spectrum of skepticism. It is like denying your innate and instinctive

Selfto allow the emergence and maturity of a new ‘Self’, which you have never known and accepted and which has the wherewithal for rising above the restrictive ‘intuitiveness’ of consciousness. Knowledge and wisdom is largely about evolving and mastering the Art and Science of non-intuitive thought processes and cognitions. It is tough but it begins with acceptance of the ‘

Unlearning’ process and self-negation, which we have mentioned above. This novel process and new journey is tough but we simply cannot wish it away. If I keep sleeping till noon; the morning cannot wait to happen! It is Option-lessto rise up, as and when the dawn happens and beckons us…




Dimensions Of Awareness

The three dimensions of unconscious, subconscious and conscious of human brain plexus engender the sense of personal and subjective self. Almost every human being has the varied mix of the three dimensions and depending on effectiveness of each dimension and which dimension is predominant, a person’s individuality or personality is defined and decided. The unconscious is purely organismic, subconscious is largely animalistic and only the conscious has elements, which we can say is human.

Scientifically speaking, most men and women are dominated by the unconscious and subconscious, with conscious dimension coming into use very rarely and that too in fleeting moments. Most average men and women have almost 98 percent of their lives decided by their unconscious and subconscious mind states – this auto-mode action-reaction mechanism and processes, wired in brain states. Only 2 percent is aware and conscious mind state action, thoughts and choices. Even this awareness is not always sufficient enough and available to lead a person to what we know as Free Will. Many scientists anyway insist; free will is a misnomer. This probably hints at the dark reality that majority of humans are almost at par with animals. The Free Willbeing there but as restrictive and conflated as that of higher animals.

There is a fourth dimension of evolved and empowered Higher Consciousness, which is not automatically available by birth but added/evolved by a handful of men and women, making good use of their conscious faculties of mind states. Spiritualism has been advocating in favor of evolution of this fourth dimension of higher consciousness, which is considered a must for lasting wellness of life-living. This fourth dimension is considered to be an evolution out of the rest of the three dimensions and therefore works as ‘Witness’ to the actions of the three. We shall talk about it later in this eBook. Naturally, being an objective witness, the fourth dimension is considered to be a potentially good ‘Judge’ of the personal and subjective stupidities and hypocrisies, the three dimensions indulge in. This dimension having elements of ‘organization and planning’ is essentially about evolution of awareness domain and optimizing its potential.

There is also a Fifth Dimensionof awareness and consciousness. It is very rare. It is hugely difficult to describe this fifth dimension of self or existence. It can be described as

‘Nothingness’ of Everythingnessand is restricted and reserved to a very few, who have the mind mechanism-structure of high spatial sense and faculties. This fifth dimension happens when rest of the four dimensions cease to happen. This means – when nothingness becomes everything; when the vacuum engulfs all spaces and itself becomes the singular identity, this fifth dimension happens. It is like, when you close all doors, windows and vents, you can listen to the soft and serene music playing inside a room, which is there but lost in cacophony of external sounds…

As all these dimensions are essentially Mind States, not segregated or stratified as it may seem; it is almost impossible to describe and define them through words. Our brilliant neuroscientists are however working endlessly to unravel the working of brain to decipher how all these happen. There are hypotheses about these different mind states, which we shall not talk about here as it may divert our focus. You may know about them as they are easily available in public domains. So; barring the unconscious and subconscious, rest of the three dimensions are epiphanic, ephemeral and transient. Awareness itself is like a ‘Spark’ that comes and goes fast. It is like the neural firings lighting up and creating an ephemeral holographic imagery, vanishing in quick time. It is like a neural assemblage, happening in definitive probability and then withering away. The fifth dimension of nothingness however is the most crucial dimension as probably, it is in this mind state, the consciousness actually loses its innate and instinctive self and thus becomes amenable for non-intuitive cognition. This fifth dimension therefore is considered perfectly fit for unraveling many such objective and holistic Realities, which one can do only with non-intuitive thinking. This fifth dimension of consciousness and aware life-living is best suited to de-culture the mind and imbibe the somethingness of the nothingness. Culture, populist choices and embedded intuitiveness are embedded deep in the subconscious. They always present the subjectivity shade of an objective reality. Non-intuitiveness is needed to prune and de-culture the subconscious instinctiveness. The innate and instinctive mind state of average men and women, with unconscious and subconscious dominating their cognition and choices, is hugely restrictive to understand and accept most Realities. Their innate and instinctive ‘intuitiveness’ fails them and they cannot see and understand reality in its holism and everythingness. This intuitiveness must first be ‘unlearnt’. The fifth dimension of nothingness actually epitomizes the perfect preparedness and readiness of non-intuitiveness of consciousness.

The big trouble is; the additional fourth and fifth dimensions of self and existence are not automatically available by birth to everyone. Only handfuls have the inborn brain type and personal enterprise in later lives to arrive at these additional dimensions. As intuitive thinking and cognition is in absolute majority; with over 90 percent people on the earth living with it; the minority non-intuitiveness shall always be disliked and doubted by majority. In fact, most would label the fifth dimension non-intuitiveness as madness and would even wish to ‘kill’ them. Mass majority of humans therefore disbelieve science and even hate them. Science too has its ‘culpability’, which we shall talk about later. The innate and intuitively populist idea is – What I cannot fathom, presents the best excuse to label that as unworthy.Intuitive worthiness cannot overreach comfort of status quo.

The entire deliberation in this eBook hovers around the non-intuitive Realities. This presupposes a quantum of ‘nothingness’ of average, populist and culturally pervasive intuitiveness. This is a content of intents and essence of the fifth dimension. Naturally, it shall first seek to engulf everything within the expanding vacuum of nothingness. It shall be unsettling. But then, the good thing is – once you accept the basic premise that Reality in its holism requires an approach and cognition, which is beyond our normal perceptional domains, we can journey together.

Once you compassionately agree to have faith in what I am proposing, you shall enjoy the journey. The agreeable position for any doubting mind is to lend latitude to a probability to unfold itself and present a hypothesis. You always have the option and choice not to accept them or change them to your suitability. A compassionate and assimilative attitude towards something antithetical to personal/subjective beliefs and faith is what non-intuitiveness calls for. I humbly urge you to let this hypothesis unfurl and present novel probabilities. It is a journey worth taking. There are novelties awaiting you at the completion of the journey. These may enable you to have your own personal journeys of infinite wellness and successes in life ahead; irrespective of whether you accept them or not…




Free Will And Its Utility

A cancer of the body evolves and matures in months and we are never aware of it. There are millions of body-mind processes going on in our body and mind every passing second and we are never aware of most of them. This happens as most of these processes are handled by our unconscious and subconscious mind states. These processes are not available to our conscious or ‘aware’ mind state. Naturally, what we all consider as Free Will– the so-called conscious and aware ‘choices’, we make, considered ‘independent’ of the external as well as internal circumstances of milieus and body respectively, may not actually be ‘Free’ and the ‘Will’ may not be independent.

Many scientists doubt the very existence and reality of the Free Will. We may say, they may exist, as epiphanous, ephemeral and fleeting moments of conscious awareness but the Free Will, as we popularly understand it and expect it to be something all humansare adorned with, is almost a chimera and abstracted reality.

Simply speaking, ‘aware’ life-living is a huge misnomer, for vast majority of humans. Simply speaking, our brain is not probably designed for it. But yes; only hard work and perseverance of self-discipline and self-exploration can engender a semblance of Free Will for a handful of humans. Free Will, even if it becomes available to few, shall always remain epiphanous, ephemeral and fleeting reality.

However, it needs to be understood that ‘awareness’ and what we term as Free Will mode of consciousness, is not something we need to be perpetually in. Being aware and in possession of Free Willresource is just a tool, a weapon or a

Media, which we require, when needed. For that matter, every layer or shade of consciousness is a media and also ephemeral and transient. But then; you don’t always keep swaying your sword or gun. You rarely draw it out and use it very sparingly, when in acute need of self-defense or protective aggression. Free Will or evolved awareness of consciousness is a tool and a medium like a sword or gun. You need to have it, but not always flaunt it. The unconscious and subconscious processes are sort of permanent and continuous as they handle the perpetual body-mind homeostatic processes, generic to all. The conscious layers are evolution out of the same mind state and are available as a media for ‘specific’ and specialized roles. It is a ‘learning’ how to use the media of higher consciousness for non-intuitive cognitions of different shades of realities. The primary thing is that we should understand Free Will or awareness, with scientific mind, learn to master its use and utility, not getting confused about it and use it like a sword, gun or any other media. We shall keep coming back to this very useful idea of Free Will in this eBook. As part of our preparedness to our further journey in this eBook, this clarity about the nature and scope of Free Will reality shall facilitate our understanding of non-intuitiveness and how alternative and novel models of wellness and purposes can be arrived at…




Language And Consciousness

If I cannot understand something, even in the language I have spoken and evolved with for years, it is not always the trouble of the language or insufficiencies of it. It may well be rather, the trouble and insufficiencies of my consciousness and cognition. Language is the Mediaof expression and communication of consciousness. As modern science says, consciousness is a ‘

Representation’ of the plexus of information the brain states processes, which the senses feed to the brain states; along with the memories of the experiences. Similarly, language is also a ‘representation’ of information we take in and take out. Naturally, understanding and optimal cognition depends primarily on efficacy and brilliance of evolved consciousness. Effectiveness of linguistic skills is like silver linings.

Somehow, it seems, even a poor and insufficient Media of language can very well carry and transfer the intent of the content; poor and insufficient consciousness however, may never. Language is the ‘media’ of the Media– a vehicle for consciousness. The primary Media must be sound and sufficient. There have been greats in human history, who had little or no formal education and training of language and other craft. Yet, they were brilliant in communicating the intent of their evolved consciousness and had instant connect with masses. Even in and around us, we can see how even highly educated and brilliant speakers have very little or no quality in their intents and emotional connect.

It is a tragedy of contemporary humanity that in modern educational system, there is very little or no understanding and acceptance of this symbiotic relationship between language and consciousness. The education should essentially be designed to facilitate a child evolve his or her consciousness in non-intuitive domains and use the linguistic skills as a fluid-facilitative ‘media’ to express the excellence of intent of the contents of consciousness. Holism of education still eludes humanity. Consciousness of a child and its augmentation is largely at the mercy of inattentive parents, uncaring family and precarious peer groups, whereas education is imparted in schools of mediocre credentials. This process of holistic ‘learning’ has to start early for a child and this involves not only schools but parents, families and ambient cultures. Sadly enough, primary schooling syllabus globally are in experimental quandary and parents-family seldom extend their roles and support to the needs of child. It is only natural that a modern child grows up usually with a conflated consciousness and abstracted language. The ‘specificity’ of ‘representational’ roles is confused and has its impact on the popular cultures we have.

Essentially, we need to focus on the fact that as we see external Reality as a ‘representation’ of the neuro-chemical mapping engendered inside the brain plexus; similarly the language is also a ‘representation’ of a ‘Reality’, which the same brain states create. The structural and functional faculties and plexuses must be strong and sufficient for this ‘representation’ to be good and right. It is not only about language; all realities we see and feel being ‘representations’, their actualization in optimal quality and quantity depends primarily on the strength and sufficiency of consciousness; the Emergent, Transient, Evolving and Dialectical registry of the brain states. Consciousness itself is the media of body-brain reality and the language being the ‘media’ of the Media of consciousness, we must first fix the issues with primary media of consciousness. This seldom happens and most kids are either very poor in this ‘representational’ tasks or have good linguistic skills but poor media of consciousness. The trouble is manifested in the conflict-confusion-chaos of cultures. The psychologists love to give them the name of a syndrome and parents-family feel acquitted of their ‘culpability’ by blaming it on the ‘disease’. Denial, deception and depravity comes natural to most humans as these tools pave way to install Shamelessness– the foolproof guarantee of imminent success. The plexus of profitability is happy preying on stupidities.

Often, generic as well as specific and conscientious as well as non-conscientious stupidities and hypocrisies find expression and meanings through the language we speak. However, they belong largely to and owned majorly by the insufficiencies of the consciousness. Almost always, it does not require a genius to gauge and decide how good or bad is the knowledge base and upbringing of a person by the content of the language he or she speaks and the way he or she presents them. The brilliance of the Media cannot cover up the deficiency and depravity of its Master – the Consciousness.

This symbiosis between consciousness and language is critical element of wellness of an individual as well as cultures. If humans pretend to be far superior to higher animals in many ways, language happens to be one huge parameter of excellence, segregating humans from animals. Naturally, we humans need to understand the mechanism and processes of linguistic science in detail. The ontology and epistemology of language and its symbiotic relationship with consciousness must be understood in detail for larger wellness. This must also be made part of the educational and learning spectrum of children in later years of schooling. We shall keep coming back to the idea of language and deliberate about it in detail later in this eBook. We shall rather include a ‘possibility’ about this symbiosis, which may prove a facilitative knowledge for empowerment and wellness.




Localized Cognition, Holistic Reality

Many times more, people die and are debilitated by climate change, pollution, lifestyle wrongs and cultural, especially populist political choices but we never accept it, as deaths, deprivations and devastations happen in long run and seldom in front of our eyes. Intuitively, we accept something only when it happens in short run and in our immediate, localized and ambient milieus. Reality for most is like that – Localizedand

Intuitive. The Covid pandemic menace and the death, deprivation and devastations happened quickly and we all could see them happening all around us. The world over, most people accepted the Covid devastation as true, real and hugely impacting Reality. However, compared to the deaths and miseries the climate changes, pollutions, lifestyle wrongs and cultural choices, political-administrative mediocrity and depravity etc heap on humanity every passing day, the Corona devastation is like peanuts.

We all were shocked and cried in unison for quick remedies and corrections of the Covid pandemic but majority of people are never convinced about the colossal losses humanity faces every year because of above reasons, as we never accept them as true and real. This is because of our poor and restrictive body-mind design. We are armed innately only with intuitive thinking and perceptions. We are not designed to see and perceive the vastness and holism of that part of Reality, which is available for perception only through non-intuitive thinking, which we have talked about earlier.

The human trouble and its Reality have to be understood and solved only through the holism of non-intuitive thinking. We are not innately designed for it. We have to evolve our consciousness to that level of wisdom. We take a painkiller pill and the pain goes away. However, this pill cannot correct the source of the pain. It is intuitive to feel and accept the pain only and feel ‘happy’ as it goes away by a pill. It is however the artistry and mastery of ‘non-intuitive’ thinking and perception to delve deep into diverse causalities of body-mind-milieus, which may engender the probabilities of pains. There are around 300 body-conditions, which can cause a fever. However, most of these fevers can temporarily or permanently go away by a single pill. Nobody cares, what caused the fever as the pill makes it go away. The long run of ‘causalities’ is seldom the intuitive genius of average men and women. We live and die in short run. Our survival economics has trained us to accept – ‘All worth and utilities are in short run as in the long run, we all are dead!

We are like dust particles in the colossal expanse of the universe and therefore it is always instinctive and innate for us to see, feel and realize only the very localized and ambient milieus in which we live and move. Intuitiveness of a dust particlecannot go beyond a

pebble. However, our lives are all intrinsically woven into the massive plexus of every particle of the colossal cosmos. Everything in this unimaginably vast cosmos has the potential to affect our lives as contemporary science can now very reliably tell us as how every speck of the cosmos is causally connected and part of everything else in the infinite universe. It takes this evolved and empowered non-intuitive thinking and cognitive abilities to accept the holistic Reality of human lives, the cosmos and causalities that stand us connected and unified in a singular destiny.

Humanity’s primary trouble is its restrictive and scammed ‘intuitive’ thinking and perception of Reality. Intuitively, average men and women see, accept and realize only a miniscule ‘part’ of Reality and fail to factor in the mega holism of Reality, to which all lives in the cosmos are connected and unified. It takes non-intuitive thinking to visualize the Holism of Reality. It begins with the simple and primary process of ‘Unlearning’.

When we accept this mechanismic trouble of human consciousness and factor in how we stand in the cosmic scheme of Reality, we can very clearly see how disastrous has been human journey to the present. We can see how calamitous cultures, we have created and perpetuated with zeal, which are essentially an expression of our innate stupidities-hypocrisies and Scammed Consciousness. We can see how scammed and depraved is contemporary human systems of life-living and how we are singularly responsible for the disaster we have wreaked on ourselves and yet, we are not even aware of our personal as well as collective culpability. We rather happily become inseparable part of the scammed systems and calamitous cultures. We rather celebrate our personal and collective ‘successes’, which are purely intuitive stupidities and hypocrisies. There is no short-cuts for wellness. Human systems have been a product of innate-instinctive intuitiveness and even today, when we have scientifically proven knowledge about how our own consciousness is scammed, we continue to invest in calamitous cultures and utilities-worth, which are weapons of our own self-destruction. This Cannot Be Changed; It Requires Complete Reconstruction




Reconstruction Agenda

Every reality, which since inception of humanity, have been the basis of definition and acceptance of worth, utility and purposes, have now changed drastically; thanks to the contemporary knowledge of science and the reality of REALITY it has established so meticulously and almost definitively. Most of us, busy and struggling to find ways for survival and a good life-living, seldom find time and inclination to go into the details of how much and how mesmerizingly diverse knowledge modern science has created for us, which have the potential to change our lives and its quality very drastically. It has, already!

This quantum of new scientific knowledge however, means that humanity now has the express need to Redefineand

Repositionits existing cultures and worldviews completely and holistically. Changes won’t be sufficient as contemporary knowledge has put up an agenda, which seeks complete and novel

Reconstructionof most edifices, which humanity has held dear and working for centuries.

Modern contemporary science and the new Realties it has unraveled for us have almost entered the era of unthinkable Singularities. This means – humanity now stands in possession of such hugely empowering knowledge about Realities and causalities that engender realities that most of the Realities, which we all understood and accepted stand metamorphosed and transformed. Very naturally, this new knowledge requires humanity to dump the old realities and wisdom woven around the old and archaic realities. The new knowledge has perfectly exposed the stupidities and hypocrisies of the existing and practicing realities. There is no choice left with humanity to accept a completely new Reality and reconstruct a new wisdom around this newly established scientific Reality. This requires non-intuitive thinking and perception in the part of average men and women. It begins with this easy and inevitable process of unlearning. It is optionless. We do it right and now; or we all continue to rot in devastation and debility and eventually perish.

This critical and devastating lessons humanity has learnt at very high cost during the Covid pandemic global crisis. This crisis exposed the Illusionof strength and capabilities the humanity and its depraved leadership boasted off. The so-called edifice of superiority and brilliance of ‘super power’ humanity and their advanced cultures crumbled like cookies and went down like ninepins. The pandemic proved beyond doubts that humanity has created the castle of a billion worth and utilities over a rather fragile and shaky soil, which could not bear the weight of a rather manageable tremor. The pandemic posted a perfect picture of embedded and embellished stupidities and hypocrisies. It proved true the warnings of many ‘experts’, who kept reminding the humanity about their ‘misplaced’ sense of ‘utilities and worth’ and Illusion of Reality, which created the ‘Purpose’ of human systems around the world.

The fault is not something a ‘change’ can correct. The trouble is equally massively structural as it is brazenly functional. The message is clear and loud – either humanity ‘reconstructs’ its basics and grassroots Realities or it gets extinct in near future.




Singular Brain, One Role

All living beings; billions of us, are one singular mind. The brain happened and stayed with a singular purpose, after a long and somehow linear evolution of multitudes of species. Some scientists say; the brain happened because the universe wanted it to be ‘unraveled’ and explored!

What is embedded in this scientific assertion is the Reality that evolution has a simple philosophy – lower organisms evolved in time and space to higher, more complex and supposedly better organisms as this singular brain matured and evolved in its common role of being better equipped to ‘unravel’ and understand the External Milieusand

Realitiesin them. Evolution is a linear journey of organisms evolving and maturing in their ‘Knowledge’ of their ambient and expansive milieus, to maximize survival. Humans have the best equipped brain to unravel the ‘Truths’ and ‘Realities’ of the cosmos. Scientists hint at this fact that essentially, cosmic causalities are designed this way to enable evolving species to understand their milieus better for survival and this ultimately leads to species knowing and then changing their larger habitat to their survival suitability. The singular mind has this singular role.

It is singular tragedy that only Humans have chosen to ‘Reverse’ this linearity of evolutionary progression and that too with the help of a brilliant facility called Brain. In most probability, only the Humans have ‘Regressed’ in their evolutionary journey of ‘Consciousness- Cavalierity’ and ‘happily’ opted to fall back to the Timelineas well as elemental

Constitutionalityof antediluvian animalism. The contemporary human mind also showed brilliant animalism in ‘altering’ their habitat to such an extent that it now poses a threat to their own devastation and probable extinction…

That is why, only very naturally, if humans fail to make their brains and minds perform this singular role, they are worse off than even lower animals. A person not optimizing the potential of his or her mind potentials is actually shaming the very evolutional energy and cosmic design. Such a person is Definitive Enemyof a habitat. Tragically enough, contemporary human societies and cultures are over-crowded with such enemies; many of them in

Leadershippositions. Nature otherwise immediately prunes such individuals but humans are luckily ‘unlucky’ that such humans actually survive and even excel in societies and cultures. The scammed human mind consciousness has facilitated this by creating calamitous benchmarks of ‘successes’ and worthiness. Human habitat is replete with ‘enemies’ and tragically enough; they are mostly in leadership or otherwise ‘ensconced’ positions in contemporary societies and cultures. These enemies in their stupid hypocrisies, instead, ‘prune’ the dwindling ‘Intellect’ of devastated humanity…

Anyway; later in the evolutionary progression, the geography and causative cultures shaped and evolved different shades of mind consciousnesses. If we de-culture our existing human mind, which probably has massive debris of the archaic and obsolete Timeline‘still in use’, we can see the realities in their ‘original’ non-intuitive cognition…

Scientific assertion requires us to accept that brain, in its contemporary form, is a later evolution as new species required to discard the stationary and rooted living, to move in the larger milieus for better survival potential. Very naturally, a new organized brain evolved as an emergent and shuffling ‘mapping’ mechanism of the transient milieus, because of the ever moving new species. Plants and simple organisms rooted in their birth-milieu do not need a brain. Later evolution of brain consolidated its primary role of being a ‘quick reactive’ information processing and reality mapping for the ‘wandering’ species for their improved survival prospects.

Modern human brain however needs to discard this brain cultures too and move to evolve a brain, which has very different core competence than what it was originally designed as. Contemporary human milieus require our brains to have different and novel roles and capacities to stand the modern human in optimum self-sufficiencies. Anyways; modern humanity has ‘delegated’ this ‘primary’ role to what we now know as ‘Hybrid Brain’s’ artificial intelligence. We shall talk about it later. The existing contemporary human brain with its old, archaic and obsolete function and cultural orientations is the chief critical trouble for larger humanity. This obsolete intuitive brain design and mechanism has to be ‘unlearnt’ and evolve to a non-intuitive cognitive culture, which contemporary life-living challenges and roles require. This huge mind-debilitation needs to be ‘unlearnt’ quick, discarded decisively and then, evolved to the new needs…




Philosophy Of Science

The core science of contemporary age and its utility for scientific community is more about the discovery of certain reality and also prove something novel. However, what it throws open and makes available for masses and especially the cultural-political leadership of humanity, is ingrained in what we may term as the ontology and epistemology of the EMERGENTand accrued philosophy of science.

In the last few years, especially since the beginning of the new millennium, some new establishments in the frontier science have opened up brilliant and hugely fruitful practical ideas for average person as well as larger cultures. Tragically, as has always been with human cultures, they have not been popularized and internalized in the common knowledge pool of contemporary humanity. They must. We shall talk about them and how they can transform human lives and living cultures, at almost every stage of the progression of this eBook. To bring home the idea and its importance in human life-living, we talk in short about one aspect of this new idea termed Emergence, we have listed above. This shall facilitate our understanding of how non-intuitiveness lands us to the portals of new knowledge and wisdom.

There was legendary music composer in India, who once narrated this story. When he was young, he worked as an assistant to a very famous movie music composer. One day, when the young assistant arrived to the house of his master, he saw him sitting with his harmonium and weeping. Tears rolled all over his cheeks but he looked very calm and composed. The young man was shocked to see his master in tears and asked him about his pains and troubles, so that he could help. The master replied, ‘I am not in pains, rather I am so happy. The tears are not of pain but gratitude.’

The young man could not understand what his master was saying. The master explained, ‘I am such a stupid, I am so worthless, I know nothing yet, see the love, blessings and generosity of the God almighty that he makes me compose such a beautiful tune. I am clueless how this could happen as I am such a unworthy person. I am weeping to express my gratitude to the almighty…’

This is EMERGENCE; this is the magic of the Potential, the human brain and consciousness can engender, which the famous composer could not fathom. As is natural to most people and as their faith makes them accept; they believe the ‘Magic’ as an ‘external’ intervention of God or other abstracted elements. The Reality, which contemporary science has unraveled to us is the scientific idea of Emergence.

The famous composer was a genius of music but he was not aware of how the brain and consciousness works. Emergence is essentially a mechanism and process of different brain states and it has little to do with elements of ‘external’ milieus. Emergence can be understood as different ‘permutations and combinations’ of Information, different brain states of unconscious, subconscious and conscious works out, when a person is in highly aware state of mind consciousness and focused on a particular work. The master’s brain created a Tune, which is some emergent Information not previously etched and installed in the brain states. The permutations and combinations of already available Information(about musicality) in the different brain states made the

Emergenceof the new Tune possible. As the emergent information has novelty of structure and feel, the mind consciousness accepts it as something it never ever previously knew. The fact remains that the brain itself engenders an

Emergenceand the mind consciousness seldom fathoms and accepts it as an engineering of its own. It willfully accepts it as some external endowment and accrual.

To make it simpler let us consider a far more popular and probable example from our daily lives. Suppose, some day, you decide that you shall donate some of the household items to charity, which you seldom use. So, you share your decision with other family members and ask them to give away what they do not regularly use and are idling in the house. Everyone begins the exercise and in the process, you discover that some items were hidden in the large house and you didn’t even remember they were there in your own house or room for years. Some items would show up which would be there within your reach but you never needed them so were not visible to your eyes. They ‘emerged’ as you occasioned to bring them into conscious awareness through a decision. The hidden or unused items were not created by your decisions as they were already there but simply ‘emerged’ and were brought to reckoning as you decided to give them to charity. So, the old laptop or an earphone you didn’t know were there in the house was not given to you by any miracle or external agency. They were part of your household and you didn’t even know. You got to know and even have them as they were made to emerge by a decision, which required their existence to surface up and be counted. The human brain also houses so many information, memories, experiences, etc, which we are not consciously aware of. As and when, we consciously trigger a situation; the brain states retrieve them through a neural cue and assemble them in a patterned way. This is emergence and the novelty of assemblage and feel makes you accept that it came out of nothing.You get inclined to accept it as magic or blessings.

This is an example to understand how we can unravel ‘Reality’, in a novel and alternative ways, if we use non-intuitive thinking and cognition. We just need to open up and accept that almost always, we unconsciously and subconsciously keep moving into different ‘Dimensions’ of probabilities, we are seldom aware of. These probabilities are Emergenceof the permutations and combinations our brain states continuously churn up so that we survive better in ever-changing milieus we keep moving. Most of us suddenly realize something, which we accept as ‘magic’ or miracle. Something like

déjà vu, which most of us mystically accept as something externally installed. The emergence is processes within and we sure can feel and unravel them, if we have an aware mind consciousness and we sit still in perfect poise and calmness. We shall elaborate on these aspects later in the eBook.




New, Emergent Evolution

Species evolve in a dialectical chain of interaction with external milieus and milieus within body-mind plexus. Genetic adjustments and changes take shape in response to the new challenges (Information) the ever transient milieus make Emerge. Humans happened as the early tough and very challenging milieu required a powerful species that could master the milieus to survive and stay atop. The evolution was less bodily but more brainy and mental. Biology of evolution is probably more Emergentthan physics of evolution.

The evolution of human brain made the differences as humans had it to tame the wild and calamitous nature and mould it to their survival suitability. Early humans could survive and excel in extremely different and tough habitats, from ice-laden northern tip of hemisphere to hot and sultry equatorial regions.

If we track the human evolution, the eugenics for humanity is essentially mind or brain-centric. Human precision and survival strategies have come from Emergentprobabilities of its superior brain, not body strength and superiority. Modern science has established that human brain, like most domesticated animals has shrunk up roughly 10 percent in the last 70,000 years. The shrinkage is ascribed to the lesser requirements of muscles and body strength in the same period as human brain could ensure a better settled life and countered the vagaries of wild milieus better. They required less muscle strength but more cognitive skills. The same with most domesticated animals. How many dogs today are required to have great hunting skills and attitude for their owners? The shrinkage may also be ascribed to better and smarter wiring of brain states. We know how computer over the ages have become smarter as they can stuff more memories in smaller chips.

Modern humanity has clearly paved the way for a new evolution, where the new human species of brainy and otherwise endowed humans shall survive and excel and the mediocre and less endowed shall perish in coming centuries, if not decades. This new evolution is very much evident and perceptible. We shall talk about it in detail later.



What Ultimately Matters…

My worthy elders taught me, made my consciousness ‘Unlearn’, with priceless humility but definitive certainty – There is nothing right, nothing wrong. There is also no good or bad. They do not actually matter and we humans must never waste our precious time and energy on them. What is singularly important and worth human understanding and enterprise is the reality that there are a few things, elements and entities, which are melodic and most things are cacophonous. Men and women should strive all their lives to adhere to the formerand distance away from the


This eBook is in a language I have probably just begun to unravel, after 50 years of unlearning. It is not a language to transfer ‘Content’ of mind but Intentof innocence and honesty of de-cultured consciousness. May the mellifluous melody of my humble ‘Intent’ reach you and feel the same, even while I am apologetically in acceptance that at times, there is a lurking probability of some of my expressions sounding inharmonious. Do kindly forgive me. Some Realities may be too ‘harsh’ to be amenable to melodic sound and feel. And; my stupidity may also spoil possibilities…





Humble Request & Acknowledgement


As has always been with my writings, I insist that I never say – ‘I know and that is why I am telling you’. I very humbly and sincerely request that you should never accept anything I say, without assigning it to the primary and transcendental energy of skepticism. I wish you to test the validity of any probability or hypothesis I am building up in this eBook. Why I say this? Because I believe, reading is a collaborative process. I have internalized and experienced things, which I am sharing with you. I have also gone through long process of learning; especially unlearning and observed skepticism. All this needs to sink in and get internalized in your consciousness. It shall sink in and get internalized through the same process of learning/unlearning and observed skepticism by you. Do step in, involve, evolve and optimize your best potentials by partnering into this eBook enterprise. Welcome…


Writing for me is an enterprise in self-negation. I am in peaceful acceptance of the futility of words as carriers of intent and content. Still, I write, continuing with this 45theBook and if life allows, shall keep writing, negating my own deep sense of futility of the exercise. I write just for the sake of my humble self-belief that whatever I have internalized in life through a long and painful process of learning and especially unlearning; must be documented, so that if

probabilityhas it,

someonemay save some precious time and energy in his or her own internalization process. This probably is what one may accept as an inheritance worth half a dime.

Compassionis what I inherited and compassion is what I can leave as legacy. I dedicate my writings to that someone, who shares my humility for acceptance of compassion. Thanks…!





Naqs Faryadi Hai Kiski Shokhi-e-Tehreer Ka,

Kagzi Hai Pairahan Har Paikar-e-Tasweer Ka...


This is the immortally celebrated lines of the legendary poet and cult celebrity of Indian subcontinent Mirza Ghalib, who is known to have said it impromptu, in front of the king and patron Bahadur Shah Zafar, reflecting brilliantly on the ‘Reality’ of reality and that of his own life situation. The lines have many shades of meanings embedded in the metaphoric selection of words and syntactic formulation. It sure expresses the twin core realities of human life-living – Depravityof culture and

Illusionof reality.

The couplet speaks about how a piece of reality(a sketch on the paper), is standing as an accused, pleading innocence, in front of the court of justice, because someone, just for the sake of sadistic fun or egoism, has filed a complaint against it. The second line insists that the piece of reality, standing as ‘

accused’, itself is being presented as ‘true copy’, even when it is wrapped in the muffling dress of ‘paper’. In other words, the ‘Reality’, which is being ‘judged’ for its culpability is being presented not in actuality but as an imagery or metaphor of the reality.

This speaks of the two classical dilemmas and confusion, every human life-living is destined for. First is the ‘Illusion’ of reality, as most of the times, the reality is only a supposed imageryof a reality, missing the details of the entirety and holism of actual reality. It speaks volumes on how hypocritical humanity seldom rises above the instinctive stupidity of ‘accepting’ a metaphor or ‘representation’ as Reality. Second is the ‘externalities’ of the ambient and localized milieus, primarily the elements of populist and predominant cultures, which dictate, who stands as accused-culprit and who runs scot-free as success. The

Illusion of Realityand

Slavery of Milieu/Cultureare the two ever-pervasive elements in the life-living of every person, which is a

Scammed Destiny. Sadly enough, even when the person himself or herself thinks he or she is at its Free Will,to make decisions of life, it is actually the embedded and undersurface twin-energy of


culturesthat shape and fix destinies. Average person is actually a slave, not a free person. One can imagine, what societies and human systems, comprising these slaved consciousnesses, are and what they in turn facilitate for larger humanity! Garbage in garbage out! And still, not even being aware; rather blissfully upbeat! This presents the probable advocacy for an ‘alternative’ reality for larger humanity…

This is the contemporary position of modern science, which has made great breakthroughs in neuro-science, brain research and Reality in general. Before that, aware and intelligent humans have expressed this bitter and scammed reality through different media of art and literature. This also is not a new knowledge as ancient Oriental philosophy has loads of writings on the same situation, since 3000 years back. This is what Buddhareferred to, when he spoke of breaking the walls of his house. This is

Unshacklingthe mind consciousness of the

Incarcerating‘walls’ of


Culture. We need to first unravel and decipher the twin ideas of illusion and cultures. As is the old and tested methodology for understanding a complicated and tough idea with simplicity and ease, we use a simple metaphor for it. This is something we all are familiar with and practice. However, we need to be warned that a metaphor is never the holism of Reality. It is only for understanding a reality in its entirety.

So, what we do, when we think of making the best use of our vacations and decide to travel to a popular tourist destination? We do good bit of thinking and loads of planning before embarking on the journey. We want to Optimizethe joy and satisfaction of the precious vacations and therefore, wish to take into account all possible aspects of the journey and visit to the destination. But then, the core trouble is that we usually do not have any or much

Informationand facts about the place and the facilities available at the destination. That is why we

Pre-Planand make efforts to have as much information as possible and make preparations suitably.

Someone, who may not like to leave anything on trial and error, may opt for tour package of a renowned tour operator and buy a guided stay and sightseeing, etc. Very naturally, there is good likelihood that everything would go great for this individual and his or her family as everything is handled by corporate finesse and benchmarked standards.

However, another person may like to take everything in his or her hands and not opt for former option. This person shall search online, access reviews of the sights, hotels, restaurants, transport facilities and a whole range of information. This person may prioritize his or her options by risking it on a budget hotel and then splurge the saved money on extending his travel to deeper countryside. In other words, this person may opt for something, which has his or her total and perfect Free Will, in all the choices available and would not like to conform to the ‘pre-decided’ packaged or benchmarked, populist options of his or her travel, stay and sightseeing, et al.

We sure cannot judge and decide on the merit, worth and utility of the two choices made by two different persons. It may be possible that both optimized their joys and satisfaction as per their desire and wish. It may also be possible that one got it right and other not. May be, both end up dissatisfied. In any case, we cannot judge which option is better. Both options had different shades of joys, satisfaction, thrills and even Free Will. Also, both options have probabilities of going right as well as flop. Moreover, right-wrong, satisfaction-dissatisfaction etc, are subjective entities and therefore, objective judgment is does not seem a probability here.

However, if we compare the above situation with our life-living, we can probably be in better position to ‘judge’ the utility-worth of the two options. We are born to specific parents, family, society, culture, geography and history. It is like making a trip to a place for tourism. Given the scale of life on earth, many since ages have considered the time period between our birth and death as ‘vacation’ and people as ‘tourists’.

In our lives too, there are broadly two options – first is like opting for a life-living, value system, faith, beliefs, habits, customs et al, which the parents, family, society and culture ‘packages’ for us. This package is standard, popularly benchmarked one and a settledoption; therefore very naturally, this ‘package’ may well be considered ‘safe’ and as most things come as ‘guided’ and ‘pre-planned’, there is no or little personal investment and enterprise of time and energy on thinking and planning. Here, the corporate tour operator is existing popular ‘Culture’ and tour ‘package’ is the prevalent-dominant customs, practices, faith, beliefs, etc. There no doubt is a space for

Free Will, even in guided ‘tour packages’, as the person may never ever think he is anyway being ‘guided’ and ‘pre-ordained’. There sure are enough small choices one can make, within this ‘packaged’ inevitability.

The trouble however is, the life-living is a much complex and layered reality than tourism and most importantly, these elements of ‘packaged’ and ‘guided’ embedment is not offered as ‘choice’ to a new born till the age of his adulthood. The tourist however is already an adult and when these packages and guided elements are offered to him or her for his or her free-willed discretion, it is accepted that he or she would make ‘informed choices’. The new born child, as the tourist, has in fact no choice but to take the only and inevitable ‘package’ of ‘guided’ tour, destination stay and sightseeing, compulsorily installed on the mind consciousness of the new born, as he or she journeys into his or her adulthood. A vast majority of people live out their complete life and die, ‘willfully’ adhering to and following the packaged-guided tourism of life-living. They too have small spaces of ‘free will’, as available to a tourist within corporate packages.

The second option in life, as in case of tourism, simply cannot start for a child. It may start only after the new born attains his or her adulthood, years after his or her arrival as ‘tourist’. He or she may think and plan differently than what his entrenched culture, geography, history and predominant belief system presuppose him or her to. This second option of completely free-willed life-living, owning the risks and exploring the ‘realities’ of the destinations and laying his or her own set of rules and routines for the ‘Stay’ at the ‘tourist’ destination called Life, becomes possible only after a certain age of maturity and that too to a handful, to whom maturity comes ‘packaged’ with objective scientific knowledge.

There are very few lucky new born, who have this great fortune to have parents, who raise him or her in a personal-societal-culturalmilieus of liberty and self-decision. It is possible and many parents do it. They do not impose their will, culture, customs, faith, belief system, etc on the child. Rather, they inform a growing child of the various options available for choices and let him or her process the

Information. The decision can wait but right, true and holistic information about probable shades of realities must always be offered to a child. The evolving brain and mind consciousness of a child may not be in a position to decide with certainty but then, where is the need in most cases to decide? Yes, the parents shall take those decisions, which are genericfor all kids like going to school, learning languages, adhering to basic and fundamental disciplines of self-control and respect for others, etc. The specific decisions can wait, till the ‘tourist’ attains knowledgeable maturity.

The core issue here is not about free will or righteousness of choices. We have already talked about how right and wrong or good or bad are not the issue to waste our time and energies on. Reality is always value neutral; it is individual or collective cultures, which assign these subjectiveelements to a reality. There are larger and more fundamental issues about life-living and cultural ‘packaging’. We now have to come out of the metaphor and enter the contemporary world of humanity.

The larger issue pertains to the hugely non-intuitive understanding and perception of what we accept as Reality. When we perceive Reality as true and right, then only comes the question of righteousness or appropriateness of choices. One very critical element of the holism of Reality is the realism of Time and how average intuitive mind perceives it. In scientific world, ‘Time’ is probably one of the most abstracted ideas the understanding of which the scientists insists requires an evolved non-intuitiveness of consciousness and cognition. This understanding is also at the very core of most realities, which we intuitively see and accept as true and real. The Time, most of us intuitively see and accept, keeps us in Illusionof a vast part of reality, which the holism of reality of


We need not go into details of time and its non-intuitive aspects. What we wish to talk about is Timemay not be considered a linear thing or something that comes and goes. It is very much a constant and enveloping entity. It is like the sky we see, standing under it, always muffling us. The changes, which we usually associate with sky above is in elements that are part of the sky denomination and domain, like clouds, light, darkness, stars, moon, wind, rains etc. The sky remains the same as constant as anything but its visualization and perception changes as elements constituting the intuitive idea and feel of the sky changes. Non-intuitively, the sky above our heads is just a miniscule part of the vast cosmos, which usually is intuitively available for our very limited and restricted visual senses and brain states. The elements constituting the intuitive feel of sky are also restricted only up to a few kilometers of height. Above that the continuity and expanse of sky is constantly singular.

Time is also like the sky, which we intuitively feel as changing but like sky, time we accept, is just an insignificantly minuscule part of the holism of infinite cosmos. Like the sky, the Time is also a reality, contextual to many elements, which are inseparably associated and part of the intuitive feel of Time. Time is felt, as it is to most of us because of the changes that happen with elements constituting it or under its umbrella, like the sky. The situation of earth changes and everything around us suitably changes, linked to the primary change in the diurnal and seasonal changes happening to earth, vis-à-vis the Sun.

Therefore, essentially, when we non-intuitively visualize the idea and feel of Time, we understand that the movement or ‘change’ of time is actually the movement or change of other perceptional elements around us. What Time means? Suppose, there is a place, where there used to be a castle, where ten people lived in the year 1655. A person, who visits the castle in 2021, shall feel the change as there probably would be a crumbling castle or a fading one with nobody living in it. The charm and abundance has also withered away. The person shall feel 2021 and may look at the ruins as vestiges of 1655. The contrast of changemakes the timeline well defined. However, if in anyway, the castle remained in the same glory, shine and abundance and the ten descendants of the same family still lived in the same lifestyle and customs as was in 1655, a visiting person in 2021 would ‘feel’ as if he or she has landed in the year 1655. In this case, the timeline gets blurred as change is minuscule or primarily psychological. This ‘feel’ too would be possible because other things changed and this visiting person was born and brought up in the contemporary and changed culture. If this person visiting in 2021 was kept in an isolated jungle, away from contemporary human culture, he or she would not even feel that he or she has been transported to 1655. For this person, there would be no basis to even have the comparison between 1655 and 2021. Intuitively however, a crumbling and dilapidated castle signifies a ‘big change’ and hence the feel of Time-Lapse. Like the sky above, the Time, we intuitively feel is subjectively contextual to changes in elements within the Time ‘sky’. Remove the ‘context’ and the idea of intuitive

Timegoes away.

The same happens with milieus and culture, in which we are born and brought up. Whether a person and the ambient culture, he or she lives in has the date (Time) of 1655 or 2021, depends not on the flickering pages of the calendar. It depends on the ‘changes’, which the culture and milieu has undergone, in comparison to the ‘changes’ the general and overall milieu and broad human culture has undergone. If we accept this non-intuitive cognition about Time, we can easily accept that Time is not the same everywhere on earth. There are societies, cultures and people still in 16thcentury, a good part of humanity and their ambient culture still in before Christ period and many lingering in 18-19

thcentury realities. Only a small human population and its ambient cultures may be accepted as living in 2021. This is possible because they have ‘elements’ of those Timeline, irrespective of their contemporary date and year on the calendar. This is the biggest ‘

Illusion’ of reality most people live in and are slave of. This illusion simply takes away all semblances of free will and righteousness.

But, the core question is – how can we say, this is 2021 culture? How can we be definitive about current time, when we non-intuitively accept Time as an umbrella and muffling reality and not a linear one? This is important and must be detailed.

Probably, the only single element of human culture, which truly maps the reality of Time, is the function of and ‘contextual’ to the Template of Contemporary Information(collective knowledge pool of humanity). The singular decisive and discerning ‘change’ in the spectrum of contemporaneous information (knowledge) seals the true progression of Time, not in linear arrow but in spherical totality. This is also what evolution probably accepts as progression of

Time. This is the element, which stamps its existence on the very entity of perceptional plexus – the human brain. This needs to be detailed and understood in holism.

Suppose, a person living in Manhattan, who has never gone out of New York for whole of his life, is flown to a tribal village in tropical Africa. He would ‘feel’ he has relapsed into timeline of 14thcentury. Why? Simply because he is used to accepting ‘present’ as a situation, where tall and smart skyscrapers, shining commercial places, well-lighted wide streets, gleaming vehicles, high-tech life-living support system, etc are fixed landmarks. His intuitive perception makes him accept the jungle, thatched huts and muddy pathways, etc as something of a distant past.

Now, take a person from this tribal place to Manhattan and what he feels. Can we match the ‘perception’ and feel of the ‘Time’, the two persons have? They both live in 2021 and both exist on earth at the same date. What is different that differs the sense and feel of time? It is the Knowledge – The Contemporaneousness of Information. It is the singular dimension of ‘change’ that weighs in on Time intuitiveness. Contemporary human knowledge has made a Manhattan and its physical-cultural landmarks possible. The knowledge of humanity evolved, moved and changed since 14thcentury and now in 2021, it has benchmarked its contemporary knowledge in the form of physical-cultural realities, which we call ‘

Contemporaneous’ and it represents the intuitive feel of ‘Presentness’.

To make it clearer, let us compare two different photographs of London in different Timelines. An aware person can tell that one photograph has been taken in around 1940-50s or other is of 2021. Why? Because the two photographs are of the same busy location of London and has images of cars, buildings and people. From these elements of the pictures, one can say they belong to what different timelines as cars, buildings, dressing of people changed over the years. However, take two pictures of Atlantic Ocean or Himalayan Peaks, containing only the ocean waters and snow respectively. Can we still say when the two pictures were taken? Why? Because the element in the pictures are constant! The idea is – intuitive perception of Timeliness is contextualto changes in elements constituting the denomination and domain of Time.


As we have talked earlier, all organisms, millions of them from unicellular to complex animals including humans are One Life– all organisms have singular origin; the DNA that made life chain commence on earth. The mind is also singular. Thousands of organisms, small to big have evolved out of

One Brain, which came into existence as organisms became complex and required to move in their ambient milieus for survival optimization. The brain happened as there was this survival need to have a central perceptional processing of complex ‘information’ in the ambient milieus the organisms survived as moving entity. The brain itself creates the intuitive ‘Illusion of Time’, as we humans popularly accept it. This contextual change in Information, which the brain processes and stacks as part of experienced or informed memory, engenders the intuitiveness of Timeand its linearity. This surely hints at the probability that we intuitively accept Time as

metaphorand not actually Real…

The larger, spherical, muffling and ever-changing external milieu, which every organism is born to, is in non-intuitive Reality, a mega plexus of ‘Information’. Human knowledge, at any point of progression (Time), is only a small fragment of the cosmic ‘information’ plexus. The cosmic reality is a colossal and complex domain of ever-evolving ‘Information’. The information has the Codes of Causalities, which shape up the macrocosmic Reality into microcosmic ones, available to perceptional faculties of hugely limited and restrictive mind consciousness (brains) of organisms. The brain is designed to decode and decipher these codes of causalities, embedded in ‘Information plexus’ of the ambient milieus. This is the primary and essential role of the brain as it is a must for survival optimization of the organism. We can easily see this symbiotic relationship of brain and information processing of the milieus in all organisms, small to big.

It is this relationship of brain and milieus, which create the intuitive perception of Timein its populist form to humans. This in turn stands out as the singular benchmark of ‘contemporaneousness’ of a person as well as a culture. How?

If we accept a non-intuitive perspective, a human baby born either in 2021 or 1221, or for that matter a million years back, begins with singular sense of Time. So, we can say, the timeline for all new born, irrespective of when and where they are born, is always zero. This means, for the new born; be it Manhattan or Masai Mara; the milieu and its culture are irrelevant and non-impacting at the moment of birth. This happens as we can say that the new born has Zero Information. However, soon after the birth, the ambient milieu and its existing popular culture begins to stamp its timeline on the brain or mind consciousness (subconscious) of the new born, as Information creeps in and memories of Information are stacked in brain states. As and when the new born attains awareness of subjective self; this definitive sense and feel of ‘I’, the grown up person accepts the perceptional regime of Time. The ‘context’ has already been formed in his or her mind – one of early memories of experience of Information and other of current Information. It is all about ‘information’, which the brains of different humans receive from their ambient milieus. If human brain or mind consciousness is a soil, it is almost common for all new born. However, whether tall buildings or thatched hutments are erected on this soil depends on the parents, family, ambient culture, historicity and geographical determinism, etc. The date or place of birth of the ‘soil’ does not but the ‘buildings’, which decide the Timefor the person. These buildings are metaphors for Timeliness.

Now, what this Timeis? If the grown up person, who started his or her life with a zero timeline, acquires and lives up to the entire existing knowledge pool of the humanity available at that point of time, he or she is at the same level of ‘contemporaneousness’, which the humanity at large is. Therefore, his or her timeline shall be the same as in the contemporary calendar of humanity. However, if he or she acquires and practices only that level of knowledge, which collective humanity had in 1221, his or her timeline is the same. The 2021 calendar is an illusion for him or her. This illusion of the larger reality this grown up person shall live till death but the

Timeshall not change. Simple hypothesis is – Time for consciousness is contextual to contemporaneousness of the holistic Template of Information, at any point of progression of collective humanity.

Timeline evolves as the brain acquires contemporaneous plexus of information of the Reality available to humanity at that point or stage of collective life-living and the mind consciousness suitably lives up the contemporaneous timeline. Human tragedy is that majority of humans are never at the Contemporaneousness of Timeline. They do not have any inclination to upgrade their knowledge domain to contemporaneous levels. Knowledge has never been a priority for human societies and cultures. It is always the handful, who leads and ventures into knowledge pursuits and keep upgrading the collective knowledge pool of humanity. The vast majority of men and women only live and die in illusion of Time – Born in one timeline, yet living in a timeline, centuries back.

The 7.5 billion humans on earth at this point of time and space are in varied timeline – most lagging in centuries and decades; many still in before Christ era of inceptional cultural and civilizational time and space. Though the individual men and women cannot be stripped off their personal culpability; much of the blame is shared by the ambient cultures they live in as these cultures are in a timeline centuries back. The milieu is a huge impact on consciousness. The milieu and its timeline is the localized ‘sky’, the over-encompassing and impacting informational umbrella that muffles individuals under it. Intuitively, they can see only a small part of ‘sky’ and accept it as their ‘universe’. The non-intuitiveness, which can pull them out of the ‘illusion’, is not available to them as this brain-training is not made available to their mind consciousness.

What we are deliberating in this eBook is primarily about the ‘Illusions’ of average human life-living, which the entrenched and generic ‘Intuitiveness’ of un-evolved and untrained mind consciousness engenders for mass majority of humanity. This then entails that we discuss in details about how to develop and engineer this very critical element of non-intuitiveness of the same mind consciousness to break FREE of the illusions and decipher and understand the true Realism in its holism and entirety. The pathway, which we entail here, is that the illusions of the mind consciousness must first be ‘Unlearned’ so that alternativeand

noveltruth and reality of life-living becomes available to our consciousness and cognition. However, in our journey to the

Non-Intuitivenessand alternative realities, we shall traverse other domains too and shall make a short stay at various places of worth and utility. This is the true joy of journeying and also the right utility.

As you gear up for this journey, readying to go ahead with this eBook, I humbly request you that you should not burden yourself with unnecessary baggage. Just make a start not bothering about anything. Yes; just keep this small but very worthy ‘tool’ of Skepticismof mind consciousness. Never ever accept what I say and what I propose as a hypothesis. Test everything; doubt and self-explore the veracity and utility of everything with the help of objective scientific knowledge, which contemporary humanity has and is available gratuitously in public domain. If you objectively and scientifically ‘judge’ something yourself, then only you can internalize it. Internalize it but keep it evolving with the evolving knowledge pool of humanity. Be always ahead of the

Time, which your calendar shows. This, your non-intuitive mind consciousness shall facilitate and muffle you with joy and satisfaction. Welcome…!





Alternative CultureAnd



The core scientific world of theoretical physics always talks in terms of what is Fundamentalto Reality. The domain of the building blocks of Reality is about what is fundamental or what we may call as ‘elemental’ for Reality. Most scientists accept that

Timeis not fundamental. It is primarily temporal, ‘personal’ and subjectively intuitive for humans. Therefore, for objective Reality,

Time, as average human perceives, is an Illusion, which suggests, it has to be ‘unlearnt’ and a new scientifically objective realism of Timeneeds to be ‘learnt’ and accepted by new humanity in the new millennium.

What about culture? We can say with definitive certainty that like Time, the culture is also an abstract and non-fundamental element of Reality. What we popularly construe of culture is a function of or product of the collective and cooperative cognition of Reality. Like the intuitive and populist perception and feel of Time, that of the culture is also temporally and subjectively perceived intuitive cognition of a collection of elements, physical as well as psychological. Both Timeand

Culture, in their populist-intuitive avatarare microcosmic representation of a macrocosmic reality. It is seemingly all about metaphors. We need to deliberate the issues in details to have a clear understanding.

Science of Reality has been a fantastic journey of humanity. Especially in the new millennium, the progression of unraveling the fundamental building blocks of Reality has been mesmerizing. No doubt, they are not the final words (may never be) and still evolving; still, how the new knowledge of structures and functions of Reality has opened the doors of probabilistic non-intuitive cognitions for larger humanity is colossal and hugely impacting to how we all should accept Reality. It has its definitive stamp on the probabilities of future excellence for humanity.

We can say with enough satisfaction of earned humility that gradually, collective human knowledge is moving confidently towards the singular building block of Reality. Somehow, everything probably needs emancipationfrom rigors of one’s own engendered discipline. Physics; probably also needs to break free of its insistence on self-sustained metaphors of physicality, which it seems to be moving towards. It seems, this new millennium

Fundamentalelement of Reality is –


The trouble here is the same – we probably cannot understand the Holismand

Entiretyof the idea of the fundamental nature of the element of

Informationwith the usual and populist

Intuitiveconsciousness and cognition. This has been the trouble of humanity and its cultures, throughout the ages and shall always remain so, until humanity evolves alternatively. Here, there is better likelihood that if we do not define Information in a few words and instead leave the idea to be expanded and persevered with all along the eBook, we shall have ease and facility in unraveling the novel and alternative idea of

Information. This way, we probably can bypass the trap of intuitiveness. Do kindly allow me to opt the later choice for you…

The central and cardinal idea of contemporary science of reality is that for all realities, the fundamental element may be considered as Information. This must always be accepted as a hypothesis; a perspective or a probability through which we may humbly attempt to unravel and decipher the colossal cosmic holism of Reality. This information at macrocosmic levels is what the universe can be construed to be fundamentally made of. For theoretical purpose, it will probably be appropriate if we consider; like all other approaches to Reality, Informationalso as a metaphor or representation of a Reality. There is a new alternative approach to theoretical physics, which probably for the first time accepts that certain building blocks of reality may not be ‘possible’ for physics. Therefore, they have come up with alternative inquisition, different in dimensions from what modern physics have asked so far. The idea is to have better understanding of Reality, through knowledge of alternative aspects and shifting the ‘Context’ of cognition, which are possible and easily explainable for physics. Information perspective may be alternative ‘context’.

Therefore, we can say, even while fundamental building block of reality is accepted as Information, it may not always be possible to decipher all the causalities, the information engenders, which then construct the physics of Reality. However, what we all know and can accept is the hypothesis that Informationand its

Causalitiesinnately seek ‘

Media’ to express itself as perceivable reality. Why So? What we can accept as the basis of this hypothesis that information innately seeks Media? What is the basis and ontology of this ‘innateness’ and ‘inevitability’?

We cannot say with scientific definitiveness! Nothing about Reality is finality; as yet. Even the ‘parts’, which science says it knows, about the ‘holism’ of Reality, may be only metaphoric– a representation of the

Mediaof Consciousness. However, we sure can lend support from scientific philosophization. We can say that may be, the

Informationitself is the innate and entrenched basis of

Gravity; in its entirety and holism. The Matter and Energy, in that sense can be considered a ‘Media’ of Information. The Mediain turn creates

Reality, which is possible for physics to unravel. Is it too much and too preposterous a presumption to digest!

We do not wish to go into details of hardcore scientific description of this hypothesis about information and media. Our purpose is restricted to hypothesis building for a probable metaphor of Reality, which could lead us to understand how probabilistic the world of Reality could be and how it necessitates non-intuitive cognition for acceptance of Reality in its holism. However, for the sake of understanding and clarity of this hypothesis, we may accept a probable scientific philosophy, so that we may proceed with poised acceptance. What we may consider, as a scientific philosophy, is that pre-Big Bang, everything was neither deterministic nor possibilistic as there probably was no information. We can also say that it was a state of Informationbeing exclusively probabilistic with zero


nothingness-somethingness-everythignesswere all just one-entity at the unimaginable yet metaphoric ‘pointedness’ of Reality. This situation; at least metaphorically, be likened to our birth; seconds after we come out of womb and just begin to breathe. The ‘Zero-Infinity’ probabilism-determinism is like the ‘pointedness’ of reality, as metaphorically accepted at the time of Big Bang. Some however believe, information may survive in Black Holes and permeate its boundaries. Still, we can accept that Information happened after the Big Bang as some elements of probabilism began to take shape.

This probably installed the ‘primeval dualism’ – the emergent elements of specificity of somethingness ofInformation

beginning to play around the larger sphere of hugely randomized probabilism. It probably also created the seeds of Entropyas primary elements of emergent-transient

specificitybegan to interact with encompassing but itself evolving sphere of hugely high energy probabilism. This dualism probably was the soil, which kept the crop of

Informationgrowing in mass and magnitude. The microwave background provided the soil for the seed of specificity to grow the first crop of ‘specificity’ of Information. This, we can say, engendered the first plan of determinism. Deterministic elements and commensurate dimension probably take shape only when the Information attains specificity.

For the sake of clarity, we can say that it is like we are always muffled up by a sphere of air all around us. When the air has no Information, it is not expressed and we do not feel air around us. However, when there is high heat at some part of the vast landscape and heated light air lifts up, the cooler air mass from surrounding areas gush in to fill in the vacant space. It is the heat energy, which creates a dimension of gradient, which is the Information,the air mass follows. This information is physical but emergent,

specificinformation. As this happens, wind starts and this Information is then expressed and communicated by so many elements in nature – the tree leaves, the dust, the clouds, smoke, etc. The

specificityof Information is the deterministic element of the ‘gradient’ the ambient energy creates and installs. As this Information happens, different media come to live it and Reality emerges, even though they were already there. The energy is element of Information; as it communicates to the media of mass. Hypothetically, it may be said that in the cosmic microwave background, the ‘specificities’ began to happen and the Information began to take deterministic ‘Forms’. The Gravity in this context may metaphorically be accepted as

criticality of specificity, which in turn induces different Media to live out the emergent Information as Reality.

We can assume; when this mass of information evolved to a critical level of specificity, with deterministic elements beginning to dominate the space, Gravityhappened. Gravity itself may be construed as the warping of the fabric of

Space-Timebecause of the mass of emergent Information, which predominant specificity of elements generate. Therefore, Space, Time, Matter, Energy, Gravity et all may well be philosophically considered as ‘contexts’ or ‘specificity’ of

Information, which engendered the Causality or ‘Causation’ to formalize the cognition of Reality. As matter and energy began to take deterministic forms and gravity happened; stars, galaxies et al were formed and so on. So, Information itself engendered ‘Causalities’ for different ‘Media’ and they in turn donned the mantle of causalities, for emergence of infinite ‘forms’ of Media we see in the contemporary world.

So, can we say; the Information itself creates; or may be, we could look for some better word like, ‘cognitizes’ the Observeras well as

Observable? How can we say? The very cognition of Information is precarious! If we hypothesize that Information ‘cognitizes’ the infinity of cosmos, how colossal and complex Information could be, which we are hypothesizing as building block of Reality? That is why we must humbly accept that we are just dealing with a convenient Metaphor of Information and that too for the convenience of understanding a Slice of Reality.

This metaphoric probability is largely for understanding of a Reality, which we are part of. It is being proposed as hypothesis to understand how Reality is such an idea, which probably cannot be Knownthrough intuitiveness but probably is

Knowable, through non-intuitive tools of metaphors and representation. It is the possibility within the restricted cognitive threshold of human consciousness.

This hypothesis must also be subject to personal skepticism and continued evolving knowledge of contemporary science. This hypothesis is more of a philosophical ‘metaphor’ for the facility of understanding the core and critical element of Informationand how it may be accepted as central to Reality for ease of acceptance. In Physics, most things are still not beyond the stage of ‘Hypothesis’. The Theory of Everythingness is still elusive and may always be for the simple reason that even if there is a

definitivebuilding block of Reality; they remain so

probabilisticthat there may always be multiple Realities, as many believe there are multiple universes. Even in a block universe, where everything remains simultaneously existing; some Causalities or Causations may well be available for physical possibility; within the intuitiveness of


Space. However, large part of the Information may always elude humanly physical possibility as they probably remain majorly ephemeral and transient; therefore not amenable to ‘specificity’ of critical mass, which could engender causality or causation, for physical possibility. Hypothesis is the safest territory to live in…!

We can also hypothesize that some part of cosmic Information may not yet have embarked upon a ‘Media’ and therefore still remain in ‘dimensions’, not decipherable for contemporary physics. As we shall talk later; much of the Information ‘resides’ in dimensions and every dimension may not be decipherable to all Media. May be, millions of years from now, the Informationmay change dimensions and new emergent media could engender completely novel and alternative

Realityfor humanity. Information as well as Media keep evolving and novel emergent realities keep confronting cognitions. In that sense, major part of Information, which we may accept as constituting the holism or everythingness of Reality, may always remain impossible as they are outside the perceivably possible contemporary causation of Time, Space, Gravity, Matter, Energy et al…

In that continuity, we can say that Life, from simple unicellular organism to humanity is a Mediaand therefore, the innate, entrenched and transcendental role and purpose of

Lifeis to process

Informationand decipher its possible

Causalitieswith the help of brain, which probably is itself the most ‘Powerful Media’ of the cosmos; a culmination of the evolution of Reality itself. The life happened as Media; the brain happened as Media and the media evolved and kept transforming. The Media also becomes part of the evolving causality of Reality and the new

Emergentinformation energizes the never ending journey of evolution. We all know –

Medium Is The Message

The entities of Timeand

Culturetherefore are also

Mediaand they are the vehicles of expression of information and its causalities, but at very grassroots and microcosmic levels. At this grassroots level, in the microcosmic cosmos of human world and human systems,

Intuitivenessis the

Gravity; it is the common, collective, agreeable specificityof Information, which mothers all other



Culture. The macrocosm of Information, which is fundamental building blocks of Reality, transforms its intuitive feel, cognitive acceptance and functional dimensions when expressed through the microcosmic space of the Media of Timeand

Culture. It is only natural that intuitive feel and perception of singular element of Information shall be different from that of non-intuitiveness. Therefore, when scientists say that we all are nothing but stardust, it is impossible for intuitive mind to understand and accept it. When science says, 98 percent of genes of Chimps and 26 percent of wheat are common with us; intuitively, it is a very revolting feel to accept. However, what is being said is from the non-intuitive perspective of the ‘commonality’ of Information, of which everything, every Reality is an expression or Media. So, we can say, if we are 100 percent of a specificInformation, chimps are 98 percent and wheat 26 percent of the same information. As we have talked about earlier; we need to accept that Intuitiveness is not bad or wrong. It has evolved out of specific roles and needs of our body-mind media and continues to help good deal in survival. What we are hypothesizing is that it is only very basic and for larger purposes and roles of life-living, we need to rise above the restrictive

Gravityof intuitiveness.

Why we are discussing this all? We are doing in to bring home this simple hypothesis that reality may be accepted as dualistic – one at Fundamental level, which is probably impossible to unravel with intuitive cognition and secondly at Media level, available for intuitive perception and understanding.  

So, the DNA is a Mediaof information and it has a language of expression. Proteins in bodies of living beings are information and they have a language of expression. How a protein

flips, decides what role and function it shall perform in the life-living system of an organism. Why? It is because a ‘flip’ is Information. However, this Information is Media Level. It is a language for expression of information. Everything is information and it is expressed through languages, which happen at ‘Media’ levels. So, when you flipyour head in a particular way, it is an Information, which means

No. A slightly different ‘flip’ of the same head however means Yes. The flip is a language and it carriers Information…

Philosophically at least and for facilitative hypothesis, we can say, probably, Universe or Multiverse has no language but pure information. Language happens as Media happens. Media probably cannot understand something, which is beyond language. That is why many information may not be ‘possible’ to be deciphered as we humans as Media need the media of language to decipher a Reality. The scientists could unravel so many informations as they used the non-intuitive cognition; beyond the intuitiveness of languages. However, human brain is a miracle as it has this brilliant ability to master the craft of non-intuitive cognition. Therefore, humans are probably the only media, which can decipher something out of the pure information, outside the purview of language. However, cosmic Information plexus is probably infinite and the complexities of diversities of probable languages in the universe are also infinite. A simple molecule itself has this massiveness and complexities, which an average person may never understand. The cosmos, compared to a molecule is beyond intuitiveness of cognition…

A large part of the Media level information is also not possible for intuitive understanding. Scientists have deciphered it through processes of non-intuitive thinking and cognition. However, when these Media level information creates causalities, expressed in physical manifestations, we can intuitively know it. The media level information, transformed into the platform of languages, is also not easy for most. We shall later discuss in detail as why and how languages are ‘media’ of expression of the Consciousness, which is itself a media of body-mind-milieu information plexus. We shall discuss as how contemporary humanity and its cultures have failed big time in understanding this crucial need of evolved consciousness for languages to be effective tool of non-intuitive cognition.

So, what we intuitively feel and accept is only a molecularpart of the macrocosmic information, which has suitably transformed itself for expression at

Media-Levelmicrocosmic space. Therefore, intuitive cognition is always susceptible to being an ‘

Illusion’ of the holistic Reality at its entirety. This we always need to take into account. That is why average human being is in the ‘Illusion’ of Time, Cultureand many other realities; especially the ‘Self’ or ‘I’. Very naturally, the human systems – politics, administration, justice-judicial system, policing, economy, education, etc also remain in illusion.

There is another related aspect of the illusion we all live. Our mind consciousness is just a media. It has been designed to process only a miniscule portion and aspect of cosmic information. A Media has its limitation. Media is designed for specific roles, vis-à-vis the information, which could optimize certain goals. For example, there are multiple systems, simultaneously working within our body and mind and every second, they orchestrate thousands of processes. They are all information. We have neural system, metabolic system, circulatory system, respiratory system, endocrine system, etc. All these systems are information processing systems as they constantly interact with external milieus as well as internal milieu. The brain handles them all. However, most of these processes are unconscious and subconscious ones. Our aware conscious layer feels and knows nothing about them. The food we eat is felt only to mouth and beyond that it is processed for hours but we feel nothing. It is our design. If all thousands of these processes and its information every second are put to aware and conscious domain, we shall get mad. Or, we cannot make any sense out of it; probably like the dreams. That is probably why the conscious layer of brain has been spared of the trouble. The conscious layer is assigned only those Information, which primarily pertain to external milieus and its mapping for better maneuverability and management. Naturally, our Media of consciousness is intuitively capable of understanding only a small part of the Reality, because it has access only to a very miniscule portion of Information. It is because it has been designed for limited specific roles. This is ideal situation for ‘Illusion’ to dominate the average cognition. Metaphorically at least; we may say, we humans have been designed to live out Illusions…!

So, we can scientifically philosophize about this hypothesis that probably, when information and causalities or causation innately creates a Media, it probably does so with a restricted role of a very specific nature, suiting to the overall structural equilibrium of an ever entropic universe or portion of the multiverse. This itself creates the divide or dualism of what is possible and what is impossible for physical approachability for a specific Media.

Just for philosophical fun, we can hypothesize a mesmerizing possibilityin near future for larger humanity. We all know, how dreams have always baffled and equally mesmerized humanity since ages. Still, we do not know much about dreams but hypothesize that they are the processional outcome of subconscious brain state playing up with information overload that it receives every passing second. We understand that whatever is in the subconscious or unconscious domain, there is no neuro-chemical pathway to connect them with conscious layers. Probably, dreams are the only state of this Media of consciousness, where the subconscious information probably leaks or permeates outside subconscious. As these subconscious information passages are said to come in proximity to visual neural plexus, which is the most abundant and vibrant plexus in advanced brain, we see these ‘leaked’ information as Illusional images in our dreams, when we are in semi-death condition.

Therefore, we may philosophize for fun and ‘happy illusion’ that may be, some day, the brilliant scientists shall find or create a ‘switch’, which shall connect the subconscious domain with conscious one and this pathway would be so brilliant that we shall have definitive ‘access’ to all information, currently hidden and a non-possibility. If that switch is successfully created, may be, this would lead the scientists to create a ‘Causal Switch’, which would bridge up the current gap between pure information and media level language. This way, we shall have access to all information and everything shall fall in the domain of possibility for Physics. That shall pave way for the elusive yet ultimate singular Theory of Everythingness…!

… Jokes apart; what we are talking in this eBook is almost the same. We are also talking about this possible ‘Switch’ that would enable average person to bridge the current gap between intuitive possibility and non-intuitive impossibility. We are talking about this new alternative perspective; a definitive ‘switch over’ from how we approach Reality, especially the knowledge of reality intuitively and what large pool of knowledge is available and possible, if we ‘switch’ to non-intuitiveness. The scientists may take their time to find their magical switch but we average humans simply cannot wait. We need this switch overright now as we are already too far and too deep into the reverse road of darkness. We need to ‘unlearn’ the old, archaic and obsolete knowledge and swiftly switch over to the alternative and contemporaneous knowledge of Reality through the available tool of non-intuitiveness.

Here it is important to reiterate that what we have discussed above is for the sake of understanding the complex idea of Reality. It is not that we can say we know the grains of Reality. Nobody does with definitive certainty. What we have detailed above is also probabilistic and scientific philosophization. As I have always insisted; you must never accept what I say, without assigning it to the evolved skepticism. What we discussed can be accepted as a hypothesis; a metaphor (good or bad) of a probable reality; never a theory. The purpose of we discussing it here is to understand certain aspects of Reality, as scientifically as possible. Science is a complex domain and contemporary science is far more complicated than clear as it is still grappling with many core aspects of Reality. There are still loads of things, which science has to be definitive about. Contemporary Science of Reality probably is too metaphoric and as collective human knowledge of Reality evolves and matures; many of the current metaphors too shall become redundant and shall require replacement and restructuring. As the language grows and matures, metaphors too have to as communication always seeks clarity and specificity of expressions. Knowledge is never static; everything is evolving; thankfully…!

I invite you to delve deep into these aspects and acquire knowledge through self-exploration and with the cherished energy of skepticism, before internalizing them.

Before, we move onto the next chapter, we must have a short glimpse on how humanity and its culture progressed and where we probably went wrong and why. This probably shall help us in having a better insight on what alternative thinking we require now for creating an alternative culture in future for true and lasting wellness and excellence of life-living. Here we go…

There is a hypothesis, which we may take into account, before we proceed to understand the trouble with cultures and their contemporary malaises. A Systemmay be accepted as the natural agency of a shade or dimension of

Slaveryfor all those, who are part of it. To euphemize the expression, we can say that a system is an innate situation for all elements constituting it and part of it, to fall in line with a singular and binding mechanism and processes, which keeps the system alive and kicking. We can say, probably, this is a fundamental requirement for systems to survive and thrive because, it is only through this ‘Slavery’, binding behavior or hardwired discipline the

Informationcan replicate and be shared successfully; with manageable entropy.

Scientists now know that human body-mind has many systems, assigned to different roles but all these systems need to be in perfect Homeostatic Equilibriumfor the system to work optimally. A system itself has tools to rectify any aberration or disequilibrium within the system, called

Allostaticprocess. A good system must always have mechanisms to deal with entropic eventualities. Body-mind systems need to keep

System-Sanityof highest order as massive information is processed every second and loads of replication and sharing of information goes on continuously. A human infant coming into this world is nothing short of a miracle as it takes billions of fast paced processes for a fetus to evolve into a full bodied baby in the womb. Even a single aberration, misinformation or inappropriate replication can either abort the whole process or cause immense discrepancy in the formation of the child in womb. However, majority of human babies are born almost perfectly right. It means, the systems that were involved in child birth and their billions of processes went nearly perfectly right. How can this happen and that too since millions of years?

This piece of reality is still not available with perfect details but we can scientifically philosophize that this happens because the systems maintain highest degree of hardwired discipline within them so that all their processes are zero error.

Then we can ask next, ‘How do the systems maintain such perfect discipline?’ The answer is still in the domain of scientific philosophization that probably, it happens because these system performances and their access are perfectly isolated from ‘external’ information plexus and millions of participating cells have no subjective ‘consciousness’ and ‘Free Will’ of their own . As we talked before, 98 percent of human body-mind processes are handled by unconscious and subconscious brain states and they are perfectly isolated from the conscious layers, which have active links with external milieus. The unconscious-subconscious processes remain disciplined and uniformly un-deviated because they are probably hardwiredand not exposed to direct influence of external elements of the milieus. No doubt, the information from external milieus affect the system by presenting as challenges to adapt to them but this system adjustment processes is entirely internal and the system ‘Free Will’ is largely unaffected by externalities.

Many scientists believe that our universe is also structured and is like a mega computational system, where every information processing is well systematized. They even consider that there is only one ‘Free Will’ and this is that of the universe, as it is the primeval structured information processing mechanism. It is easy to perceive that cosmic system of information processing, if true, shall be uniformly disciplined and impeccably smooth as universe has nothing ‘external’ to it to impact its processes! This however is also a hypothesis. The universe may be or may not be as structured as some feel and even if they are, every system is affected by the innate and entrenched element of Entropy, which keeps eroding the system efficacy. Also, we cannot say with surety whether the universe has something ‘external’ to it or not. Moreover, information itself is so dynamic and powerful entity that no system discipline can be bigger and mightier than that. Entropy seems endemic and entrenched to Information. This too is a hypothesis…!

Now, if we apply these aspects of details to what we may call the cultural systems of human world, we can showcase what is the intrinsic and innate nature of cultures and what troubles it means for human societies and individuals, especially in the contemporary human world, where information is the most powerful energy of destabilization and nothing remains unaffected by its cross-cultural flow. Moreover, the system discipline and assimilative uniformity is almost elusive in most cultures and other human systems of contemporary human world. The entropic propensities of contemporary cultures and systems can be understood!

If we go by the structural requisites and functional specifications of a system, as discussed above, the first thing we notice and probably can say with conviction that in contemporary human world, there probably is no culture, not even a society. There are discrete and independent people in huge numbers, who are only grouped under a political boundary called country. Even the old, archaic and dangerous identity of Nationdoes not exist anymore in any part of the world. The 7.5 billion people are distributed under only one system of any identifiable nature and that is the political system, within the physical boundaries of different countries. Within the country, there are commonalities only of some faith, rituals and old surviving customs but there is virtually no cultural or societal system.

During the ongoing Covid pandemic crisis, we all could see how irresponsibly most people behaved and how the level of self-disciplineand

self-regulation, which was required as part of the ‘Covid Appropriate Behavior’ system, was hugely missing, resulting in the uncontrolled spread of the pandemic. We could also see how political systems had to resort to force and authoritative controls to ‘discipline’ the mass majority and how average persons reacted to them. No doubt; the Informationwas also a huge culprit as most people never ever got the right and true Information and most did not trust them. Definitively, the scientists as well as political tribe completely messed up the


sanityof Information. That is why Information sharing and replication was disastrously poor. The pandemic could never have asked for a ‘better deal’ from the humans as they happily extended every possible avenue for the virus to spread! Covid pandemic exposed the deep roots of entropies the human society, cultures and other human systems have become infested with…

If we could theorize the global Covid Pandemic crisis and present a metaphor for it, we can say with definitiveness that the pandemic exposed how 7.5 billion people failed miserably in understanding and accepting a One Line Information. Rather, they happily messed up this Information and made a mockery of so-called genius of the much acclaimed superiority of human consciousness. The one line Information, which the Covid pandemic crisis messaged was – ‘I live as You Survive’. Probably, first time in the history of human civilization, the Realityextended its best Intelligence to every single human on earth through a simple yet massive potential Information, which said, ‘I can survive only when I keep you safe’. This simple Information is the core, innate and entrenched reality for successful life-living of humanity. It is not only what we can label as ‘Covid Appropriate Behavior’. We humans were the carriers of the virus. It didn’t spread on its own. It needed a media and we depraved, undisciplined and hypocritical humans happily offered the virus a ‘facilitative media’. We spread it as we didn’t care for others. We were ignorant and egoistic. We killed our own family and relatives in bulk. We simply could not understand and accept this simple Information that collective life-living requires this acceptance that I have to keep you safe and healthy then only I can survive. I too shall die finally if I could not ensure the safety-health of you and others. This inevitable ‘contextuality’ of ‘I’ vis-à-vis the collectivity was huge learning for humanity, which was never accepted, nor popularized. The humanity at large failed big time as it could not respect the sanctity and sanity of this simple Information.

It has happened; it is still happening as they all have scammed consciousness and they all live in depraved cultures and societies. The stupid and hypocritical humanity, trigger-happy in its egoistic world of intuitive-illusion, simply could not see beyond their restricted and localized worldview, what basic and core Information the pandemic offered as simple solution. The trouble was, is and shall always be the suffocation and slavery of intuitive thinking and cognition, which fails to see the critical context – Self and its instinctive selfishness is not an isolated expression; it is rather a contextual part in the holism of collectivity. Only non-intuitiveness of cognition could make people see and accept that ‘self’ is not self-sustainable in populist-intuitive positioning of ‘brute selfishness’. Selfishness means and has a probability only when it is assimilated in the holism of collective self. This non-intuitive acceptance of ‘I’ or self is not a ‘Covid Appropriate Behavior’ but a universal life-living codefor very survival and wellness of all lives, including humans. The animals cannot understand this as they do not have the evolved brain; humans can but their brain is wasted, simply because they never use it to the optimality of potentials. The cultures, anyways, want them to remain stupid and hypocritical they are…

The reason for such an assertion is clear. Human consciousness has come a long way in the last ten thousand years. The evolution of human consciousness has been typically queer and precarious in the last 50-60 years, which has coincided with the fast but largely organic urbanized life-living. We cannot call the development in human world in the last five-six decades as ‘Urban Culture’ as we know, a culture is a System and a system requires such elements, which are never present in most urban life-living domain. Most urban spheres, barring a few in developed countries, have grown organically; randomly shaped up by survivalist economic compulsions and have become living nightmares in the last two-three decades, after mass migration from rural and rurban hinterlands. However, if for the sake of convenience, we accept that there is something of an urban culture, then this is the huge catalytic element of change in human consciousness.

Humanity settled to a systematic life-living in villages and they truly were the cradle of human civilization. The tribes settled in a village, small or big were truly a cultural system as it was a largely a closed system, with homogeneity of processes and identities of ethnicity. Even early urban centers had great elements of planning and there was clear suggestion of a cultural idea behind the growth of the urban life-living. The ancient city of Mohenjo-daroaround 5000 years back was very beautifully planned city. The level of systemic elements in this ancient city was mesmerizing. The rural life-living till a century back was a rather closed cultural system with homogeneity, harmony and inclusion very staunchly marked as their core identity.

As we have hypothesized, all systems are expressions of the processing of Informationand for system excellence and optimality, there has to be a harmonized and homogenous milieu, with elements constituting it in an amicably galvanized state of information sharing and replication. The village system of life-living presented this idealism to a critical level and that is why villages proved to be the cradle of human civilization and evolutionary growth. No doubt, this

rural idealismhad its own share of cultural troubles, which primarily emanated out of the ‘

Illusion’ about Reality, the human minds in general had. The urban spheres however present a milieu, completely antagonistic to what human physical-psychologicalneeds are. An average village usually had self-sufficient households, where most daily-life needs got fulfilled within the household itself or within the margins of the village. Needs and availability both were synced in daily and localized life-living. Money, and purchasing was rare and even when occasions came, barter was the preferred medium, till a few decades back. This crucial psychological need of assured ‘self-sufficiency’ within a localized milieu is a hugely missing element in big urban life-living, where every little need for bare survival has to be purchased and that too with money; let alone the needs of a dignified life-living, as assured in rural spheres. Moreover, another very critical psychological need of human life-living is assuring and continued familiarity-amicability with people around and ambient milieus. In typical villages, most families living there are either related with bloodline or settled since centuries. The homogeneity of ethnicity and continuity of familial interactions are usually constant since centuries. Almost all the villagers trace their origin to many common entities and identities. This is hugely missing in most urban spheres, where mass majority of people settle in either as migrants from countryside or living only for a few years owing to livelihood compulsions. There is an eerie ease and cosmetic peace but every urban settler feels the dominant sense of alienation and isolation. He or she feels that their household is like an island in the vast ocean with only ‘trading relationship’ with other households. The sense of alienation, isolation, brute competitiveness and lack of societal-familial security is so predominant in urban spheres that majority of cases of depression and other mental disorders are reported from big cities.

If we consider the whole idea theoretically, we can clearly see that in villages, the flow of information plexus is small, unfettered, homogenous and largely smooth. Moreover, in urban spheres, information is the worst casualty. Information is huge, a precarious mix of real and fake. It is massively controlled and not easily available to all. Naturally, urban systems have poor, restricted and scammed information processing and replication as it channels through different Media. This enhances the load of entropic probabilities and in the long run, a big city becomes the Black Holeof information, where mass of information becomes colossally high and it is so

warpedthat it destroys the very sanity of information flow and processing. The urban spheres in contemporary times, in most part of the earth, especially in vast developing countries, are high entropy systems of information and therefore, always available for major disaster at the smallest instance. The humanity has recently witnessed how cities, especially big cities collapsed on its own weight of systemic bottlenecks and other entropic elements, during the Covid pandemic outbreak. As villages were the ‘cradle’ of human civilization, the cities proved to be the ‘cradle’ of all stupidities, hypocrisies and depravity of humanity. The villages could have remained in continued sanity, had they been not ‘infected’ by migrants returning from their dead ‘livelihood heaven’ in most cities.

We also need to detail one related aspect of human life-living disaster, when we are still into the aspect of how systems are information plexus and why they require elements of Harmonyand

Homogeneityfor survival and excellence. This aspect may further the understanding of how contemporary human cultures and societies are now

dead entitiesand they have been replaced woefully successfully by powerfully corrupt, oligarchic and autocratic political systems and a dominant economic-commercial information regime, which the former presides over with shameless patronage. We cannot be as unashamed to call it an alternative human ‘culture’. Let the sanctity, sanity and symmetry of ‘Culture’ be untarnished by the contemporary stupidities, hypocrisies and depravity of humanity.

It is very humbly suggested here that this entire issue in optimal details has been addressed in the author’s previous eBook titled, ‘Give Me My Crown Back’, available for unrestricted download, like all previous 44 eBooks. Here, we shall talk only about some aspects, which are relevant to our current discussion. The industrial manufacturing boom and growing technological advancements since the mid years of 20thcentury shifted the focus from farming-mining and therefore the urban places became the new hubs of livelihood and commerce activities. This in turn created the blossoming service sector, which now threatens to crush urban spaces under its weight. The 21

stcentury has completely transformed the rural landscapes as farming growingly became unviable for individuals, thus ‘viable’ only for corporate. The rural handicrafts and cottage industries became uncompetitive and died. The average village, which once was the seed-level self-sufficient unit of human life-living collapsed and became a burden on countries. Globally, especially in developing Afro-Asian geographies, be it China or India, thousands of villages have become ‘Ghost Villages’ as all or most residents have migrated to big cities for livelihood. The villages could not sustain them anymore. They currently survive largely on ‘Remittance’ economy.

This rural migration has been happening since many decades and yet, the reigning political system never ever attempted to re-invigorate the dying rural landscape and also made no significant efforts to intervene in the crowding and haphazardly dangerous organic growth of big cities, due to the large scale migration from rural areas. Unashamedly, rather, they made fruitful political capital out of the sad plight of migrants and those farmers in hardships, who still stayed with unproductive agriculture. Most of the big cities of most developing countries now present a living example of how human success needs only one single element, which is available to everyone – Be Shameless. The Political Tribeof contemporary humanity has left far behind their ancestral tribes of thousands of years back in unleashing such crimes and corruption against their fellow humans, which would put to shame even the guardians of hell. Is this ‘metaphoric’

Informationtoo inharmonious? Sometimes; overemphasis and borderline hyperbole may come handy! It is like when you say ‘

I Love You’, the emphasis and elongation of the word ‘Love’ is only natural…!!

The contemporary humanity has fallen into a trap and they have little hope of coming out of it as they do not now have easy and sincere access to something, which is essential element of any System of sanity and sanctity – the Information.

In 2021, more than 50 percent the population of the world is living in less than one percent of the land of earth, which humanity very proudly calls the urban heaven, where at least, life and livelihood is possible. Out of the remaining less than 50 percent, who still live in villages, jungles or in places not urban spheres, it is estimated that more than 70 percent of them are able to survive in their non-urban landscape because of the Remittancessent in by those migrant work force, who still have their families living in villages, as they cannot afford family living with their meager earnings in urban places. In the big cities, only less than 5 percent population has a life and lifestyle, which we can say as good, dignified and a ‘cultured’ one. Majority of remaining 95 percent either survive in slums, footpaths, undefined-unapproved houses, cramped tenements and in undignified situations, which can never be termed as cultured-civilized living, even by old standards. Humans could live in far dignified milieus, even 5000 years back.

An average person is almost a slave of situations or ‘system’. The political systems want them like that as such slaves are worthy political capital for successful survival of political tribe. Most of these ‘Slaves’ have no or very little access to free-flowing, unfettered, unadulterated, genuine, objective and updated Information. They have access only to well commanded, ‘unfettered’ and abundant ‘Entertainment’, political propaganda, market-managed consumable infotainment but never those updated, genuine and relevant Information, these slaves would need for their emancipation. Moreover, the political tribe has successfully discreditedthe culturally respected-trusted intellectual institutions, therefore, making it perfectly possible for fake information to have easy acceptances by these slaves. The intellectual institutions as well as the public intellectuals also haven’t done anything great to redeem and reclaim their lost credibility either! They keep blaming the political tribe but haven’t come up with a counter-strategy to neutralize the ills of political system. They probably miss the Holism of contemporary situation by more miles than average men and women can.

During the Covid pandemic crisis, globally, we could see how a devastated and depraved urban life-living system responded disastrously to an emergency situation, where Informationand its

Sanctity-Sanitywas of utmost importance. We could also very explicitly see how the political tribe of almost most countries unleashed untold miseries on their own people as they worked more diligently in hiding, suppressing and manipulating

Informationthan sharing it with honesty and sincerity. Many political stalwarts unashamedly remained busy in using the pandemic as ‘opportunity’ to shine up their personal image and political brand equity. At times, tragically enough; it seemed the scientific community also could not come true to their potential and failed in upholding the true traditions of scientific information sanctity-sanity. More calamitously; many people also began to believe that a part of scientific community and their credited institutions were ‘hand in glove’ with depraved political tribes to ‘fudge’ the Information. This was calamitous; to say the least. If this is overemphasis and borderline hyperbole then it may be


The Covid crisis exposed the hypocrisies, stupidities and depravity of all layers of human life-living as it not only laid bare the myths humanity lived about their own body and mind but also the many myths of different human systems in urban life-living, which they considered the benchmarks of their shiny successes and excellence.

The political system, administrative system, the health delivery system, the economy-commerce system, the international system, etc all failed big time and humanity suffered untold pains and deaths. All this is still continuing almost unabated and there seems little hope for future as still; the sanctity and sanity of Information is being marginalized, vitiated and even destroyed. The worst is the reality that mass majority of people have developed so much distrust and doubt in their minds that even if in future, some true and right Information is made available; nobody will trust them and accept them. This cultural entropy is what we may accept as signs and symptoms of near complete annihilation of human systems in very near future.

All this happened primarily because contemporary human systems were already very poor, corrupted, confused and hypocritical Information Processing Mechanisms. The level of distrust over sanctity-sanity of Information was already high. During Covid crisis, at every level, the information flow and its sanctity-sanity was further mishandled and conflated with politically-socially engineered myths. Every system of humanity, especially the political system played havoc with the lives of their own people as they worked in their usual ways of fudging and suppressing Information; mixing up propaganda and fake information to suit their personal brand embellishments. As most people suffered directly and explicitly, they could understand the ‘game plan’ and ‘machinations’ of the political tribe and the profit-empire. Sadly, the scientific community has also lost so much of trust and faith in them by average person. It seems; they probably cannot absolve themselves of the ‘culpability’ as very likely, they too lost their ‘rooted resolve’ and ‘entrenched responsibilities’ in the storm of the pandemic.

Even after more than a year of the outbreak of the Corona virus and panning of the pandemic to such colossally devastative dimensions, nobody has the right, true and sincerely genuine information about everything that the humanity must know. Covid pandemic has exposed how humanity handles its own knowledge and informational plexus so dangerously and how human life-living has become a slave of their own created hell of diseased and depraved Information. The mass majority of people have all the reasons to believe that there is a well-orchestrated ‘Plot’ and diligently pre-planned conspiracy behind all these. The probability of the ‘Mishap Theory’ would be a great relief for larger humanity as it would lend them the much-needed relief that such a ‘mishap’ may be prevented in future. However, conspiraciesmay never be prevented and shall keep repeating. They say, ‘History has a penchant for repeating itself’. Somehow, if the dear

Historyis compassionate enough not to repeat itself; humans may never be…!

If contemporary human tragedy and its calamitous nature could not convince the humanity of the need to dump the contemporary human life-living system, primarily its current Urban Culture and construct an alternative culture, then it is for sure that humanity, its intellect and its consciousness are all either dead or corrupted beyond redemption. The Covid pandemic has lent credibility to this probability.

The alternative culture is not a dream for humanity; rather, it is something the contemporary knowledge of Reality can and it must install with pragmatic precision. We know how Reality works for us and that is why, any human system that is supposed to work best for us must always be based on Reality and not personal suitability of the political tribe and handful of profit-monsters. It is therefore very natural that the contemporary political system and their patronized profit monsters would never want this alternative culture to come up. Only people can bring it about. This can happen if people understand this simple yet cardinal rule of life-living – Intuitive life-living and perceptional spectrum has created this hell for us. The new millennium must install non-intuitive thinking and life-living, which can bring about the alternative culture, based on Reality.Reality alone can replace the darkness of human life-living and it alone can emancipate humanity from the slavery, they cherish and celebrate as success. For this to happen –



Informationmust be held high.

We need to internalize the structural and functional fundamental building-blocks of the alternative culture for humanity and this can happen only when we understand and accept the true, objective and holistic nature of Reality. We must also get to the details of the manifestations of the Reality at different levels of differentiated Media. There are scientific ideas of Information, Emergence, Neuroscience and ontology-epistemology of related notions, which we shall have to understand, process and internalize. It sure is not easy but then; we shall try to ease things. But, the core factuality is – When was life-living easy and when it shall be for us to postulate that ideas and realities about life-living could be Easy. Internalization of knowledge is never Easy; only shameless stupidity and hypocrisy to live in happy Denial-Deceptionis Easy. That is why the humanity has always been

Satisfied Slavein

Happy Hellof its own making. Transformation from this situation is a must – however challenging it might be.

In the next chapter, we deal with Reality and everything related with it…


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