A Thing I Might Write Random Stuff Into

Disclaimer - Swearing, Other Offensive Things Maybe.

Chapter 0 - Your Mother - 2/12/22

It all started when.., When the... Well, you know what? No. I'm not going to start it off in the normal way. You have to imagine me starting it off for you. I have brain damage. I cannot focus on multiple things at a time. I might have either a lack of multitasking skills or ADH- Oh pretty feather!

But In All seriousness. I have nothing to write about so far, you might see some updates from me if you are lucky. But other than that, how's your day been? Don't answer that as I can't hear you nor would I care if I could. My day's been pretty cool, I spent it with my (CURRENT) GF Nevaeh. Since Valentine's day is coming up, she decided to tell me what she got me for Valentine's Day. Don't know why, but sure. Who cares about surprises anyway? She got me a 6-pack of Monster and Some Candies. Never specified what candy they are, they could be hot tamales for all I know/care. I fucking HATE hot tamales btw. It's just that type of spicy cinnamon that I don't really like.

But, by all means, don't get me wrong. I LOVE spicy

shit. Anything spicy I'm hooked on. Except for hot tamales and those weird-ass people that put CHAMOY ON PEACH RINGS. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?!?!?!?!? Other than that, I spice it up where ever possible. Whether it be a dash of franks red on some popcorn here or some of Da Bomb on a french fry there, I never pass up an opportunity to get some spicy shit. If there's a spicy variant of something already good enough on its own then I'm taking the spicy one. I like to consider myself as the spice god amongst my family. Well, that and my Dad, he's a fucking spice powerhouse. You could literally set his tongue ablaze with the fires of hell and he's still gonna take it like a man. As I said, spice is good. There are always the people, however that talk about "Burning your taste buds off". And while a part of that may be true, I don't fucking care, that means less spice to taste for me.

Chapter II - Dumbass Hierarchy 2/12/22 - 2/12/22

I fucking hate that little Owl that stares you down and flies depending on how good you type or how much you type. To me, that just adds pressure on top of things. I'm the type of guy that can type fast, but only when not considering punctuation, grammar, spelling, and basically all the other different types of conjugation (Fancy words!) that are important to interpreting an idea. Now, if you're a dumbass, like me, you might not know what I just said. But don't worry, I'm on the higher end of the dumbass hierarchy. I'm at the almost top of the dumbass hierarchy where people actually might know a thing or two about things or two. For those of you who are uneducated, the dumbass hierarchy has 6 sections and starts out with low-level bottom feeders who can't type properly. This section is most likely taken up by the World's population of fetuses and fetusettes. Next are the 2nd and 3rd sections, which are where the average people who make mistakes fall. Because every person does something that makes them a dumbass. These people can probably do 1-2 things quickly, but not at the same time, as that's reserved for people who can multitask, which is nowhere near the levels currently described. level 4 is when people can multitask, but extremely poorly. They can only do 3-4 things efficiently and quickly. The people who belong here are the people who are gifted but don't apply themselves anywhere. 5th is where I'm at and I can do 5-6 things quickly because I was gifted. This is where the gifted people go, for the people who think regular school is too easy and they take AP classes in college. Lastly, the 6th and final stop on the Dumbass Hierarchy is where the people who might actually be smart are. Not the type of stoner smart where you get called a genius when you say some pseudo-deep shit out in the middle of the busy streets of NYC and some homeless dude Trippin balls say to you "Wow bro, that's deep". No, we're talking Albert Einstien Smart or the guy who came up with the L button smart. That guy's a fucking genius. What else would I have to press to shoot in COD if it weren't for him? These people can actually multitask and write 5 paragraphs in record time. While Jacking off. While On Fire. While at the DMV. So where does this chapter end? You're reading the ending right here, fucko.

Chapter III - Lost Chapter Found At 3 AM??? *Not Readbait* - 2/12/22

I just realized that I don't have chapter 1 of this story. It would probably be some sort of filler bullshit if it were there. I decided to just cut the bullshit and just jump straight to the good, meat of the Dumbass Hierarchy. At this point, I don't care about miscounting chapters anymore. For all I care, the number order could be 9, 10, 7, 4, 12, 765, 8900, 234982340, 328478723948, 237492837459876 (Hey, new Lucky Numbers! Godspeed on that lotto win). But, Lady And Gentlemen, it seems I have hit the worst part of a writer's journey. Writer's block. The part where you can't physically type, or else it would be nonsense. But hey! That's what this book is for, a nonsensical string of stories. I can type random bullshit and get away with it. Like this: Banana, Potato, CucumberBananaSandwhichDressingWouldYouLikeVideoAndSubSanwichFromSubwayToTheCoffeeStorageSpaceIsImportante. See? all done without Writers block. I mean, if all else fails, I could always just try typing gibberish. And not the controlled-but-still-kinda-messy gibberish like I've been spewing from the pages of this book, but the kinda gibberish where you have a seizure on your keyboard to experience. To demonstrate, let me show you: sljlsdflkgfkjl;fdsaj;lkfj;lgwnvbie uhfviwhiowrhvgliwhygriwvugriuqwvevrglqiweurvqioewurybqewioubryqpwi evrqwue. See? Zero effort required, just gibberish in order to keep the own guy in the top right happy and flying. Fuck that guy by the way (See beginning of chapter 2 for reference).

Chapter IV - What Should I Do With This Thing? - 2/12/22

I don't even know what I should try typing at this point. Not that I have writer's block or anything. Not yet anyway. I've kinda overcome that. I just have to keep typing words on a screen until the Bhooks gods are somewhat happy with me. So for now enjoy the random string of letters and words I output. So the other day I was walking down the street when I saw a McDonald's man in a Trenched fursuit. I Couldn't think of anything to say to him so I said, "Hey man what's up!" He then proceeded to slap me in the face where the sun doesn't shine, that's right. Boston, Mississippi. Anyway, he slaps me. And I think, I'm fucked, how many lizards does it take for me to be free from this hellscape. And he said 2 bats and 9 dreams of your own. So I gave him the bats and dreams and he still proceeded to slap the shit out of me. He then decided to move on to more interesting fish to fry and I leave empty-handed. Besides the hands-on me already. I think whatever and go back to my house, but I realize that I can't as I don't own one and Whenever I try to think of one (remember this is my dream so I can think whatever I want to) the house appears, but only for a split second and disappears like dust in the wind. These sentences might not even make sense, but whatever, It's to appease the Bhook God that is the duolingo penguin owl on crack or something. I snorted coffee beans and it gave me a caffeine sensation unlike any other I've had. I don't even know what to do with myself at this point. So I drive over to the stock market avenue and I buy stock in the market. It went up to $500 when I only bought 2039482309482908423098234098 shares for a penny, and I Made it rich so I went home and said to my mother that I was rich. She didn't care and flung me off of a cliff. The cliff was shallow and padded, so I didn't worry that much. When I finally got back up, she didn't seem too impressed with me, so I went back to school and bought 7 salmon's from my local Knocksville and they were each a pound every time someone can't be fucked to wear a mask at a restaurant. I can't really think of other things to come up with. I'm just gonna reread what I typed because I typed most of it while looking off-screen.

Chapter V - In School - 2/21/22

Back here again, I want it to look like I'm doing something of worth. Even though I'm sitting in the front of the classroom. I don't think the teacher cares about it, as long as I'm typing he doesn't care. So, what do I do now? I don't know what is the meaning of the dogs in the game?