A Plant Called Pain - Junerdy Reyes

There is a plant that is not spoken about, a plant not in the plant encyclopedia. The plant I'm referring to is called Pain. A plant that feeds on pain and gives pain.The more pain you encounter, the more pain you feel; the bigger the plant grows and the roots spread even more. The darkness spreads even more. This plant, pain, is inside every single human. It starts to become present when we first encounter pain, the first encounter brings this plant to life. You have watered the seed, and now it has begun to grow. You can't stop it, it's an indestructible plant. When you have watered the plant with pain, you successfully blossomed the plant, you have blossomed pain. Happiness, medications, joy, friends, therapy, etc may stop the growth of pain. It may even cut the plant back to its first stage. But, the truth is that pain will never leave us. It shall rise again and again, it's something we don't think about. Because, it will bring us pain too, but it is the truth. We can never escape pain. A plant that sprouts darkness lives in all of us.

For some, this plant has blossomed into a plant so big that the pain is unbearable. They resort to other means to cope. Means that a human should never do. Drugs. Suicide. Alcohol. Self harm. There is darkness everywhere. There are those who walk in light, but live in the darkness. Where their shadows haven't even been seen, for they are afraid of such darkness. It's the curse of this plant, we can't physically see this plant, but it grows inside of us. The plant of pain, the plant of darkness. You can't escape it, its reach is grand. Its power is grand. Its pain is grand. It will hurt you in ways that are special to you. For each plant in each human is different and so is the pain. In the end, it will hurt. We are the pollinators for this plant, the hate we spread, the lies we spread, the greed all causes pain. We instill that pain onto others, bringing that pain inside another human. Heed my words: The one thing that can keep pain at bay is happiness from within. Happiness from within is a sun from within. This sun is positivity, it is a light that pain hates. Keep sprinkling it over the pain, so it shall not grow. Wherever you go, sprinkle happiness and kindness onto others. You don't know the size of their plant, pain