A Pattern of Philosophy

One: The Luna Oculo theories was born!

Luna Oculo” means “Moon’s Eye” in Latin and refers to the third eye and the goddess of the moon.

What is in this book?

My theories, philosophies and poetry were born in my own life experiences with abuse, hospitalization, self-harm, depression and other horrible things. I learned more about myself and eventually it developed to life strategies and some core belief that saved my life. In early 2020 I woke up from my old life and got somewhat “enlightened” and in this book I share both my life stories and my theories, poetry and philosophies.

The Luna Oculo core beliefs

My theory of the world:

+ There are polar opposites for the world to function.

+ But that doesn’t make it an excuse to be evil or cruel towards yourself or others.

+ Always aim to be kind to everyone.

+ There is suffering in the world, but the world is also changeable.

+ Answers will be found if you aim to find them.

+ The Law of Attraction is a fact.

+ The world can’t always be a fair place for everyone.

The three core beliefs

The three core beliefs of “The Luna Oculo Theories”.

The Polar Opposites theory

The world is built up on opposites. And those opposites are changeable. We must accept change and we must accept opposites. Without them, the world would collapse.

“The mind is your toolbox” theory

Your mind is programmable. In both negative and positive ways. Brainwashing is bad, but an example of how the mind is able to be built in certain ways. You are in charge of your toolbox, your mind. Why do I call the mind a toolbox? Because you access everything you know - your acts are tools - via your mind. You can fill your mind with wisdom. Your mind is you. This might seem obvious, but some people say that they “can’t change”. If they can’t change, they wouldn’t be a part of nature. Because nature is always changing.

The “unfair is sometimes fair” theory

If someone has Autism you must treat that person based on their condition. You may be more alert, may be more concrete. You may also accept that you may not understand everything. Autistic people can be very intelligent or quiet geniuses. Not always, but sometimes.We are all different and therefore we cannot treat everybody the same. Would you treat a small child like an elderly woman? It’s fair to sometimes be “unfair”, but we should always be kind and respectful.

Sometimes the same treatment for all is the unfair act.
If someone has a higher emotional intelligence, you may not think that much on how to behave perfectly. They will understand what you mean well.

Two: My life story - a summary

Writing in progress.