Privacy Policy

On this page we detail Bhooks' privacy policy. Bhooks is fully compliant with the GDPR, and part of it is an exact description of what happens with your data:

What information is being collected?

Bhooks collects the minimal amount of data required for running this website: A username, your email, and a password. Other data that you can optionally provide are a profile description text, books, comments, messages, and critiques.

How can I control my data

You can download and delete your data at any point in time through your account's profile page.

How is it collected?

The data collected is only via form inputs on Bhooks, except for the external login possibilities. No data is collected automatically or in a hidden way. All your data is hidden behind your pseudonym / username. The data is stored in a database on a web server hosted by It is protected by the hoster's firewalls and anti DoS measures, and by the server's firewall. The database in which the data is stored is password protected.

Why is it being collected?

Bhooks is a social community platform. All data collected on Bhooks is used for this purpose only.

How will it be used?

All data you provide (books, comments, etc.) will be used throughout the website, much of it publicly visible (community posts, books, comments) or visible to other specific users (critiques, messages).

Who will it be shared with?

Your data will not be given or sold to any third party.

Final notes

Bhooks collects the absolute minimal amount of data to make this website useful and enjoyable. You can both instantly download and delete your data (and account), therefore we consider it unlikely to cause individuals to object or complain about anything related to their data.