by Magonkio

The gods are real and their existence is common knowledge - it has been for centuries. The study of magic has become just another part of science and creatures from myths and legend can often be seen shopping in the local branch of Tesco’s. This has lead to society warping round the magical and powerful. Those with magic and heritage live lavish lifestyles, born to be leaders and rulers. Those born as normal humans however are not so lucky, forced to carve out a living in the slums. There is one hope though - that one might bare a child blessed by the gods and be lifted from your life of filth and outcast into one of comfort and luxury.
Nate is a boy of 17 born of two well respected citizens of the upper echelon, nervously waiting to find out if his heritage is up to scratch; unfortunately, based on the last tests, he may well be fucked.

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