My World

by JenahPierce

Everyone has a beginning and an end. The best part of my life started around the middle, though I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations through the many poor decisions I’ve made. There is a lesson to learn from each mistake, an opportunity to grow through humility, and a chance to become a better person for ourselves. My name is Dylan Jeremiah Selwyn, and this is the story of how I was a wild, sex-crazed, godless alcoholic teenager who found the love of Christ through a surprise teen pregnancy. My journey hasn’t been easy, but every step I’ve taken and every lesson I’ve learned has been worth every challenge I’ve faced. I wouldn’t change a thing because I’ve seen God through it all. He is my Maker, and it is in Him I believe all things are possible. He used everything I’ve gone through to mold me and shape me into the person I am dying as today.

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