by Zalut

Start of a new Saga: Rise of the Business [Class]
In a world of [Classes] and magic, are there still new ways to get ahead in life, waiting to be discovered or re-discovered?
Harold, his brother Oscar and Kalle try their hand at a new life on the road once they get their [Classes] at age 16. They're feeling lucky having gotten rare variations of two well-known magic ones, [Druid] and [Warlock], but are they really prepared?
Livia is stuck reading in her favorite library, which she hasn't visited in years, because her internet is down at home.
But chance sends Livia to a world she could have never dared enter willingly. Is it as bad as it seems or will her knowledge of not only the world she enters but the future and past of that very world be enough for her to survive the learning curve?

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