Gnihzur: The Legendary Prokeral God Crow!

by AuthorsDread

Humankind set in motion a series of diabolical events which inevitably led to their species’ drastic retrogression and reduction. They were too late to acknowledge the errors of their erroneous lifestyle, hence a plethora of misfortune befell them in droves until they were completely driven to the bottom of the evolutionary ladder and subsequently on the higher rung of extinction.
Humankind's ill-fated braggadocio and nescient use of atomic energy cleared the corrupted whom of mother earth for the magnificent birthing of the Era of Crows.
With this radical paradigm shift, commenced a new phase in mother earth’s development as well as herald a new age of adventure and quantum consciousness advancement.
This series features a specific crow’s evolution; how he adopts in his newfound environment; how he copes with his peers; and above all, how he transcends from a weak fledging into a Prokeral God Crow!

Cover of Gnihzur: The Legendary Prokeral God Crow!
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