Glass Slippers

by Pennywithaney

Clara's problems can be summed up in two words: responsibility and family.

After the loss of her mother, life for Clara was never the same. Although she loves her three siblings and tries to be the best sister and lady she can, the weight on her shoulders grows the more she learns and the more she has to know.

When her father remarries to a secretive widow, Linette, but has to leave for months, Clara's responsibilities triple overnight. Through no fault of her own, Clara is thrown into an adventure she never counted on-- one of magic, tragedy, and romance, as the mystery of her mother and those she loved looms as a puzzle Clara didn't realize she had to solve.

Through palace ballrooms, enchanted forests, and encounters with a handsome stranger she really shouldn't care for, Clara soon realizes that the only way to help her family and fix the problem is to do it herself.

The only trouble is that she doesn't know how.

A Cinderella Retelling.

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