Coil of Gold

by LunarOracle

A dangerous and filthy lie is prevalent throughout the land of Ralium. Nobles and Kings would have their subjects believe that the kingdom resting in a time of peace. They say there is no war. No attacks. That there is no death, yet within this supposed peace there is a darkness creeping over the land.
Men adorned with gilded snakes for tattoos wander the land in numbers, dragging broken peoples in chains behind them. These men, known as the Venom, serve the Savage King.
The leader of Venom and the Royal family were tied by a peace treaty, one that ended a war many years ago. It was how Venom managed to prowl on the land.
The people had achieved their peace, while Venom pillaged lesser villages. The people achieved their false peace, while countless lives are ripped from their families. Yes, they achieved their heartless peace, as people were reduced to nothing more than objects.
However, the presence of an escaped slave had shattered their peace.

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