by Pennywithaney

When a green crack appears over Boston it's no great surprise that people start to panic. Some say aliens have finally come or that it's the end of the world, but either way, chaos is king.

Recruited by the research company, Thedas Inc., Eleni "Elle" Anderson is brought on as the right-hand woman to the project lead-- a doctor she has a complicated relationship with, to say the least. Plagued with nightmares of another world for more than half her life and an unlucky streak a mile-wide, Elle is surprised to find that the crack is not only the key to her nightmares but a portal to another world.

After a workplace accident, she's thrown into the world of Thedas, a place of magic and conflict, and pushed into the quest to save it. Adventure and mystery ensues, but while getting back is possible, the question of whether or not she'll want to grows as she learns to love not only this strange new world but also the people in it.

Solas/OC, not canon-compliant

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