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Frequently Asked Questions

In its essence, Bhooks is an e-books platform with a writing critique system.

  • Download the latest version of any book to any device, even as it's being written!
  • Offer and receive feedback in a carefully balanced Critique system
  • There are many indie writers out there that never get any feedback. We help find them.

Plenty of features that are missing on other websites, such as automatic conversions to other book formats (epub, mobi, etc.), AutoSave, snapshots, a small cover editor, and the list goes on and on. Oh and it's pretty.

However, Bhooks does not support any form of DRM protection.

That depends on where and how you intend to publish. E.g. when you intend to publish on Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), you may publish your entire book on Bhooks beforehand if you wish - but you'll have to reduce it to 10% or take it down completely while it's on KDP (Source, 18.02.2019). However, there are also publishing houses and platforms that require you to never have published your book before in any way.

No. Bhooks is a free community based on sharing, supported by a feathers (i.e. points) system. These points have no monetary value.

All copyrights remain with the author.
When you upload your texts to Bhooks, you are still the owner of them. It is still your intellectual property.
In case you worry about being able to prove ownership in court, an upload alone will not be sufficient proof of your ownership. What might help is to create an early snapshot of your work. Snapshots can't be edited anymore, and are timestamped. And Bhooks gladly provides your snapshot in a court case, if our third party evidence is valued as legal proof. Please note though that there are stronger protections of your copyright, such as using an online copyright service, or (even better) registering in a copyright office ( although you might want to avoid this for traditional publishing).
If you want to read more about the topic, you can find an informal discussion here.

If you make your book publicly visible: Yes. This is a risk you take, be it on Bhooks or any other media. There are only two ways known to us which help against plagiarism and piracy: Being able to prove it's your work (see "Copyright" above) enables you to sue the culprit, or not publishing your work at all, which avoids the risk entirely.

Not directly, but here's some input from our side:
Amazon's Kindle is the giant amongst e-book readers. Because of their huge market share, they can do some really mean stuff to competitors and to you, such as:
  • authors must sell their book only on Amazon and nowhere else (Source)
  • They make reading books from other sources than their store hard. Literally all other e-book readers enable direct download & reading of books from platforms like Bhooks. When you have a Kindle, you have to download it to your pc, transfer it with a cable, or send it to your kindle mail, etc. Plenty of users get annoyed and just give up, and buy another book on Amazon.
  • Kindle has their own e-book format - "mobi" and "kd8". Everyone else uses the "epub" format.
Then again, Amazon has the largest collection of books. And their e-book readers always achieve high technical ratings in reviews.

Your account is in safe hands!
We'll try our best that you can keep everything, excluding feathers - you won't be able keep any of your previously gained feathers. uses a couple of awesome tools and libraries. Some of which are:
  • ASP.NET Core with C# - the basis for all the work is Microsoft's .NET Core Framework
  • Calibre - plenty of ebook centered functionality. uses its API to convert various file types.
  • QuillJs - professional online wysiwyg editor
  • ScreenFull - A library for fullscreen functionality & fallbacks
  • Ace.js - Great and fast code editor
  • CropperJs - image upload and cropping tool
  • SCEditor - a lightweight HTML and BBCode WYSIWYG editor
  • momentJs - A library for time
  • popperJs - Various tooltip functionality
  • Bootstrap v5 - Layouting and styling for the web, together with Bootstrap colorpicker and Bootstrap social
  • jQuery - The JavaScript web framework
  • jQuery validation - A validation library built on jQuery
  • Fontawesome - A library full of symbols
  • GeoLite2 Country - An IP to country database by maxmind
  • Animated Book - The 3D book effect

Bhooks' explainer video was created by Animaker and is voiced by the fantasy author Bill Ricardi.
Bhooks is a responsive website and works on all screens.