Bhooks is proud about the way book downloads are provided. In short, Bhooks converts every book you want to download into your desired format on the fly, and saves the result for further downloads. And whenever something changes about the book and someone requests a download, a new file is generated. It uses a customizeable default for every format (e.g. epub, mobi for kindle), so every author can adjust the look & feel of their auto-genrated books if they want to.

Book Downloads

Every book is initially represented as a small info card, like the one below:

This card is displayed in searches, previews, or embeds (yes, you can take this card the way it is and include it in your own website, just like you would include a YouTube video!). In the dropdown there are several downloads available, which trigger the "on the fly-conversion" of the book.
However, clicking on the the cover, title or "View" leads to a large book preview, with a more elaborate description (not like the pitch in the card, more like a back cover text), some social features, and comments.

Reading online

Of course you can also read the book online instead of downloading it. For some tasks, such as writing a Critique, using the online reader is even required.